Skepchick Quickies, 11.14


Jen is a writer and web designer/developer in Columbus, Ohio. She spends too much time on Twitter at @antiheroine.

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  1. HOW was the woman in that “holistic” case not charged and not convicted?

    NO substantial likelihood of conviction on any criminal charges … while she told at least a dozen people she was qualified to treat and diagnose diseases and mental conditions when she was not. WTF, world? How is that not blatantly illegal?! And I know illegal doesn’t mean she’d necessarily be convicted but … it just seems so black and white to me. Ugh.

  2. Jen,

    Thanks for posting that article on Autism developing in the womb. I showed it to my mom. I also want thank Craig for showing it to you in the first place. We’re getting a lot out of it.

  3. Jen,

    “Did hackers really control Siri on the iPhone 4S using their mind?” What will people claim to be able to control with their minds next.

    1. Good News CriticalDragon1177! Hopefully I just controlled your mind and made you think that sentence in the voice of Professor Farnsworth. :)

    2. Well, despite it being a likely hoax, there’s no reason you shouldn’t able to trigger some simple commands in Siri with your mind. These guys control a wheelchair with their mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyQv61899HE

      You can interpret specific signals triggered by specific thoughts and can create a control system that allows you to correlate them 1:1 to a coded command. It takes quite a bit of training and calibration to map simple thoughts, but exerting simple control over programs or devices with the mind has definitely been done before. So if you’ve got access to Siri’s API, a brain monitoring device with enough sensitivity, and a program that filters for specific signals that correspond with specific thoughts, you can connect specific thoughts to specific questions.

      Being able to read direct thoughts though on the fly? Not so much.

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