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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “Jimi Izrael thinks he’s making things better by bizarrely slut shaming every woman ever and blaming the world’s sluts on single parent households.”

    And by claiming that white women can get away with being sluts while black women cannot. I can’t speak to what it’s like being a black woman, but nevertheless his whole commentary seemed kind of malformed albeit obviously passionate.

    /long-time lurker, first-time Skepchick member and commenter

  2. As sad as I am for Amber Cole’s dad, I’m even sadder for Amber Cole. Everything that he wrote is the reason that girls like Amber end up in positions where they feel they have to put out to hold on to their boyfriends. It’s like her dad had a check list of common misogynist tropes to check off as he was writing that essay. The boys that did that to Amber? They’re informed by people like Amber’s dad.

      1. When I reached that at the end I blew my top. So Jimi takes Amber’s pain and makes it all about the point he thinks needs to be made and ZERO about her.

  3. So all I have to do is talk some atheism in the caf and it’ll throw off all the fundies’ lunches?

    “If the Universe needs a cause, then so does your god.”
    “Hm. My milk seems to have curdled.”

    What the crotch is with that guy blaming feminism for the sexual abuse of his daughter? I thought one of the current feminist issues is *stopping* the hypersexualization of young girls.

    Wouldn’t this have more to do with that commercialized hypersexualization trend than with women becoming empowered? Wouldn’t an empowered 14 year old girl, raised by an empowered mother, have been in a better position, self-esteem wise, and not want to appear in underage, uninformed consent porn?

    I don’t have a daughter, but if I did, I’d want her to have enough power, self-esteem and dignity that she didn’t feel the need to appear in porn for the sake of someone’s approval.

    “That guy with the camera? He’s not your friend. He’s treating you like a trophy; a thing.”

  4. Gah. Jimi Izrael in one poorly-written essay manages to slut-shame women, perpetuate the myth of the absentee single-mother, perpetuate the myth of Black men as animals AND throw in Nice Guy (c) syndrome. How the hell does this happen?

  5. And just an FYI to those who couldn’t make it to the end of the Jimi Izrael article (and I don’t blame you)- he is not actually Amber Cole’s dad. He is *metaphorically* her dad.

  6. Gah, that Jezebel article still pisses me off so much – and even more so at his poor excuse for an explanation in the comments.

  7. I am finished with Gawker media!
    Between the geek hate of Alyssa Bereznak on Gizmodo to this pathetic attempt at click-through they are becoming more and more obvious in their desperation.
    While I still enjoy Jalopnik and i09 I will no longer give them any views and I would hope that Skepchick will refuse to do so in the future.

  8. Does he realize that a video of a 14 year old performing oral sex is child pornography? That to download and watch it is a crime? That any adult who wants to watch is it a pervert? That any adult who does watch it is a sex offender? That any adult who watches it closely enough to comment on the 14 year old’s “technique” is pretty seriously in need of rehabilitation?

    What is likely wrong about a 14 year old girl doing this is that the boys are likely exploiting her and she is allowing herself to be exploited (assuming it was consensual and not coerced). Depending on the jurisdiction, it is likely to be rape because in many places 14 year olds are not legally capable of giving consent. If the boys are the same age, then they are not legally capable of giving consent either.

    1. Er, I don’t know about the jurisdiction in which this event occurred, but it’s quite common to have a law that allows 14 or 15 year olds to consent as long as it’s with another teenager. This is a bit of a practical necessity, since the median age at which teens become sexually active is about 16-17, which means that in most areas a substantial percentage have sex before the generic age of consent. A 15 and 16 year old fooling around is generally different from a 30 year old exploiting a 15 year old, and the laws usually (though not always) reflect that in some way.

      Of course, that’s irrelevant to this case if the girl was coerced, and the production and distribution of child pornography is definitely a federal crime. So there are serious legal charges in play here; I just don’t know that statutory rape is among them.

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