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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The HPV vaccination ‘debate’ makes me SO ANGRY. Of course everyone should be vaccinated. UGG…

  2. When viewing the ‘Sexy Costumes, The Manly Addition’, I think the look of the men with no shirts on wearing the masks that completely covered their faces to be a little creepy. I guess I need my sexy objectified man to have a face. :)

    1. Well, they also mentioned sexy Baron Harkonnen, which I assume doesn’t require a mask. But I understand that sexy obese child predators might not be everyones’ cup of tea.

      1. Well, if you’re willing to accept the Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson books Baron Harkonen was considered quite handsome once. Of course the Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson books also seem to favor the evil homosexual trope over the original novels’ depiction of him. You know what, I really don’t want to think about the Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson books, I’m going to forget this silliness and join the Dr. Who fangirling.

        1. I think the only positive that arose from any of the prequels (haven’t read the house ones, just the butlerian jihad ones) was learning more about Norma Cenva.

          1. Ah, I’ve read both the immediate, House titled prequels and the more distant jihad books. Norma Cenva was definitely one of the better characters to arise from the Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson collaboration. I just wish they had managed to be more consistent with the rest of the books. I enjoyed them but they kind of feel a bit like fan fiction that, while it’s quite good, accidentally overlooked important canon details and therefore seems just a little bit off from the originals.

        2. I have to say… I’ve only watched Lynch movie and read the first book, and there’s a fair amount of “evil homosexual” in Harkonnen there… Feyd-Raudh tried to kill him by putting a poison needle in the thigh of a boy sent to the Baron, after all.

          1. I am admittedly operating off of somewhat fuzzy memories as I haven’t recently reread the books. It may be my fuzzy memory but I recall that while there are shades of evil gay in the character they’re less heavy handed in the original novels than the prequels. I mean Baron Harkonnen is evil because he’s a murderous rapist, he also happens to be gay, but it’s not part of the reason he’s evil. Admittedly given the lack, as I recall, of good gay characters Frank Herbert may have been aiming for the evil gay trope and I’m just dense and refuse to let one of my favorite characters be treated so stereotypically.

  3. To think I missed an opportunity to be SEXY [my costume idea] instead of just plain old ordinary [my costume idea]. I guess I’ll just have to be content with the fact that I’m doing a gender-swapped version of a female character, so it’s sort of like double-cross-dressing. ;P

    1. Gender-swapped costumes make me happy. I desperately want an excuse to assemble a girly Captain Jack costume.

        1. Or as Colin Baker’s version of the doctor? At least if the theme is horror and crime against fashion :)

          But yeah, I love David Tennant as the doctor.

        2. I did 10th Doctor last year, actually! I didn’t have the long coat, but I had the brown pin-stripe suit, the tortoise-shell glasses and the chuck taylors. It was fun!

          1. BeardofPants: That costume doesn’t work at all. Three ladies is short skirts and my first thought is “I could use that skirt for a Marvin the Martian costume”.

            Probably not available in my size, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be sexy.

          2. @veronica: No, NO IT’S NOT. Brilliant would be if it actually looked like a dalek. This? This is horrible parody. HORRIBLE. ::shudder::

          3. @BeardofPants

            But but … I like the Dalek-themed dresses! OK, you don’t look like a Dalek, but everyone who knows their Doctor Who would instantly recognize the theme!

          4. I’m with Veronica, I like the Dalek themed dresses. I mean they’re not Dalek costumes in the super-serious major attention to detail screen accuracy is next to cleanliness (unless you’re cosplaying a pirate in which case substitute filthiness) way that cosplay can get, but they’re fun and cute references to the fandom in my opinion. I say that being someone who really gets into screen accurate costuming and who really dislikes the sexy [fill in the blank] trend in costumes.

            On a related note, am I the only one somewhat uncomfortable with parodying the ‘Culture not a costume’ posters? I mean I find the Dalek one amusing, but I don’t really like that a good anti-racism campaign is acting as the butt of the joke.

        1. I’d like an excuse so then I could point out to people how incredibly my Captain Jack-ness is. :)Otherwise, I’m just in a cute androgynous outfit.

          1. Wait… which Captain Jack? The omnisexual time travelling hotness one, the piratey Keith Richards lotsa-mascara one, or the awful Billy Joel song one?

          2. I’m not talking to myself, I just don’t have a reply option for Natalie’s comment below.

            Time traveling hotness, of course. Mmm, John Barrowman.

          3. I love how Captain Jack just sort of embodies every positive American action-hero stereotype, and is basically the Gary Stu to Russell Davies’ Doctor Who fan-fiction, but Barrowman totally pulls it off and makes it work so so well. :)

            Would it be horrible if I admitted I thought Ianto was hotter, though?

            And lord almighty I’ve been off-topic commenting way too much this week. I should put a sticky note on my computer saying “Skepchick comment threads are not a message board”. ;)

          4. What’s up with the reply button not descending the whole comment thread?

            Natalie, funny you should mention it … I attended a Billy Joel concert (a few years before 1984) – on Halloween night – in the Atlanta Symphony Hall. The acoustics were fabulous and his Captain Jack was rather nice. Billy sacrificed a pumpkin. It was no sledgeomatic but the crowd loved it.

  4. If you want to see man-sexy costumes, you have to go to a gay bar. They’ve been doing those for years. Back when the first of the “Chronicles of Narnia” films came out there was a fantastic Mr. Tumnus costume.

  5. I fully expect to see some decent (and some terrible) sexy man costumes at a gay bar this weekend.

    Not entirely unrelatedly, I’m now considering asking my doctor about the HPV vaccine. I’m 22 and, while not entirely virginal, still weighing it as something I should probably ask about now that I actually am getting decent health coverage.

    To be honest, I’m sort of surprised that it’s taken so long for the recommendation to go out. I know that it’s a relatively expensive vaccine, but

    a) I’d expect some benefit to women from men being vaccinated for reasons of herd immunity,
    b) men can still affected by HPV, particularly MSM, who you can’t separate out from the general population at such an early age, and
    c) female sexuality always inflames political faux-controversy, so my suspicion is that the HPV vaccine would have been less controversial up to this point if it had been given to everyone.

    1. I think the main thing is that HPV poses cancer risks for anyone who is on the receiving end of penetrative sex, whether or not they have a cervix.

  6. Countdown to the Christian right being horrified that we’re trying to tell our boys to go have gay buttsex…

    My moneys on 10…. 9…. 8….. 7

  7. All this talk of John Barrowman and penetrative sex…

    Wait – what was I saying?

    Is it… um… is it getting hot in here?

    Think Salma Hayek, you are straight…
    Yes, Salma Hayek and John Barrowman and James Marsters…


        1. “Androphillic” and “gynophillic” work pretty well. Just sayin’ ;)

          I got really weirded out when people started saying I was “straight”. Especially when being contrasted against mtf lesbians who used to be married and had kids and stuff. It’s like, okay, that group are presently dealing with the issue of sacrificing straight privilege along with their male privilege, and definitely have a legit claim to a lesbian identity, but on the other hand, I’ve spent my whole life with a queer identity, came to invest myself in that and feel proud of it, and NEVER experienced the social privilege of not being queer. It’s hard to say who exactly is or isn’t “straight” in such a comparison. It definitely gets tricky… the gay/straight dichotomy is pretty dependent on conventional understandings of gender.

          I kind of like the whole Foucault angle… perhaps there is no gay or straight, just bodies and pleasure. And maybe the categorization of sexual orientations is just a byproduct of the medicalisation of homosexuality.

        2. BTW, Veronica, if you ever want to chat outside of Skepchick comment threads, you can send me an e-mail to my old addy I don’t use anymore, [email protected], and I can then send you my proper e-mail address. :)

    1. OK, I’m generally attracted to women, and John Barrowman doesn’t really change that. But when we’re talking David Tennant, I’m a bit more flexible ;)

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