Skepchick Quickies, 10.12


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  1. What I would like to see is a documentary comparing Steve Jobs to Thomas Edison; compare and contrast the actual amount of innovation versus marketing of each and the myths that have sprung up to label these two tremendous marketers as brillent inventors.
    And while their at it they could include profiles of people who were truly unsung heroes of invention like Norman Bourlag, Helen Augusta Blanchard, and George Washington Carver.
    Steve Jobs was a successful business man who has a cult following and I personally can’t wait for the adoration to be over.

    1. It’s an interesting article. I wish more people were capable of admiring someone’s positive characteristics without ignoring the negative ones. It is sickening that someone who has caused so much human suffering should be given a free pass because he also had some pretty cool ideas.

  2. .
    From the “Demon Days” article:
    “Thomas next prayed over Frank, and Frank’s face contorted into a wide yawn. This was interpreted as a sign of his indwelling demons’ aversion to the sacred—a criterion of possession dating to 1614.”

    Hey, I’ve seen many people yawning in church. Demonic possession is more rampant than we thought!

    1. So was Jesus’s first solid food a chocolate bar or candied apples? I think we can make a good case for pumpkin pie. Candy corn is clearly a post-columbian innovation, since corn (maize for the Europeans) is of new world origin.

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