Skepchick Quickies, 8.8


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  1. My impression of the flowchart is that we shouldn’t argue about anything on the internet.

    “Remember, if you’re arguing on the Internet, you’ve already lost. The next time something online’s got your ire up, keep a cool head and just chill the fuck out and eat a sandwich.”

    So, by this statement and me making this comment, I’ve already lost. I suppose I should go shut my mouth up and eat a sandwich at this point.

  2. The Dutch church is really interesting. When the Christian church was being formed in the 1st century there was a group that believed god came from within us and in the general debate that eventually formed the church that wrote the bible they lost. I can’t remember what they were called but I’ll try and find a link. So yeah it’s not a new idea and there’s a good collection of observations attributed to Jesus about inclusive love that are emotionally intelligent that are useful to everyone and can be found in various other places, but are drawn together in a recipe we’re familiar with.

  3. Those misleading “pregnancy advice” clinics are appalling. and should be prosecuted with the same zeal as the coruption of jurors at a trial. That might seem over the top but morally the 2 are quivical, they both disrespect someones existence. Whoever has a womb owns it, nobody else.

  4. That statement that women shouldn’t go to tech conferences is absolutely moronic. People of both sexes and all genders can get into what ever they like, to just consume or be as creative as we like.

  5. About the chart. I don’t think posting your thoughts in comments on the net is a waste of time. It’s a very time efficient way of clarifying your thoughts as you debate with others (unless you debate in the comments section of youtube :) )
    My chart for someone who’s really mad about something would be don’t post until you calm down. Also when I take over the world we’re gonna have to stop calling people dicks and twats. Like Vulvas, Penises are lovely to look at and very satisfying to touch and anything that gives that much pleasure and creates new life while doing that shouldn’t be disrespected, this will be the LAW :)

    Hey some good links today thanks :)

  6. I often think of the Bible as a metaphorical “Big Book of Advice” … and as you might expect, like any tome of advice, some is good, some is wonderfully insightful, and some is absolute shite. Kudos to the Dutch for the first step on the path to ‘centres for how to live a good life in community’ instead of ‘churches’.

    1. The Bible isn’t really a big book at all though. It’s a collection of many different stories that have many different purposes. Some parts of it are meant to be advice, and more parts are also meant to be direct commands. Then there are genealogies, oral history made into text, stories that are like soap operas and are just meant to entertain, and stories that attempt to explain how things came to be without have any moral component at all. And then there are TWO extremely detailed descriptions of how to build the Ark of the Covenant and the tent to keep it in, although this could be just a really clever to hammer home the lesson “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

      It’s not a cohesive rule book and if you go looking for advice in everything you’ll end up with some weird interpretations to make things fit.

      There certainly is good moral advice within the Bible, but even then it’s not exclusive to that set of texts and certainly not that hard to come up with without the Bible specifically telling you.

    1. Damien: You don’t know much about the glory that is Search Engine Optimization, do you? Basically, if you’re coming up first on a generic Google search, it’s because you’re actively manipulating the bots that scan pages, and creating links to the site with the specific effort to boost its ranking.

      And if people are searching for “Abortion” and then get the First Resort site and see a reference to them providing “medical care” relating to unwanted pregnancies, it’s a reasonable conclusion on their part that that abortion services are being provided.

      And, as noted, the medical care they DO provide is also rife with bogus medical claims, which IMNSHO would be enough reason to toss every last one of them in the slammer, or at least sue them out of existence.

      And the headline of the article you linked? Completely distorting and false. No one would be forced to provide abortions by the law; the ONLY thing that would be required is putting the words, “We are not an abortion provider” on the ads. Hell, they could even phrase it as, “We will not help you kill your unborn child; we will instead attempt to save its life, and your soul,” if they want to.

      1. freemage,

        Did you actually read the article? The guy was practically just being overly dramatic. I don’t think he actually meant to say that they would force people to have abortions.

        1. I read the article, and I agree with freemage that it was purposely inflammatory, as well as showing a sorry lack of understanding about the true nature of both the proposed legislation and the technical details of the false representation.

          In addition to that, there is a wealth of information about the shady practices of CPCs available with only a bit of research online, including similar legislation being introduced in other cities. This is not a case of an isolated misunderstanding, but another sign of a larger problem that is already well-documented. This is a good place to start to educate yourself: http://www.legalmomentum.org/our-work/sfr/cpc-profiles.html

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