Skepchick Quickies 8.19


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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    1. Seriously. Sometimes I think goofy comments (especially on YouTube!) are my favorite part of the ‘Net. Present comments excluded, of course :)

    2. Okay, so I went back because I thought I’d missed it, but no, my version of the web page says :”We’re sorry but reader comments are currently unavailable.

    3. sorry its the daily mail, the voice of reason…. just point and laugh it’s all you can do for them.

      cats in zero g? i fear my weekend is going to be swallowed by that vid.

  1. The few times I’ve been in debates with someone over global warming, one of my standard answers has been the example of the migration of the plants and animals. “Plants and animals don’t play politics.” These migrations were noted at least as early as the late 70s when I first encountered them.

    1. That’s a very good point, especially where plants are concerned.
      It takes a long time for plants to “migrate” and the price for being “wrong” about a move when you are a plant is death or adaptaion and since adaptation is not certain there is a huge evolutionary price.
      *staring at my mashed potatoes*
      “I think this means something.”

  2. Um… they brought in an “animal psychic” to get the cow? [facepalm] Why not ranchers on horseback to rope that thing? Is it a kung-fu cow?

  3. @DataJack
    “Why has no one though of this before?’

    I suspect they did. The presentation of this clip and the use of a turbo-jet plane suggest the late 1960s. These days we’d have a horde of animal-rights activists blocking the runway if anyone attempted to take off with a herd of catstronauts.

  4. Are there any pictures of the actual genetically altered chickens? All I have seen so far is the pictures of the normal chickens and the normal crocodilians.

    1. According to the article ethical guidelines prevented them from hatching the modified chickens so the eggs were destroyed before they hatched

  5. Cats in zero G is awesome. What’s required is more footage like that, of cats looking confused and tumbling awkwardly, because that is just too damn funny …

  6. The birds looked pretty spooked, too–they could balance for a moment, but then they’d go scattering because the normal down-pull wasn’t there.

  7. If the animal psychic manages to lure Yvonne out of hiding, maybe she should try Nessie or Bigfoot next.

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