Skepchick Quickies 8.12


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Oooh the work Rosie the dog does is so good!! Vulnerable witnesses are so stressed when they testify and reducing that stress makes their testamony more accurate and valuable, especially as the outcome of the case can revolve around an assessment of their testimony. . and that means if they’re a crime victim they have a much better chance of seeing justice. Having fluffy companion in the witness box is an exellent idea.

  2. I can see the issue the defense raises (the cuteness of the dog unintentionally influencing the jury), but at the same time I can see how the presence of the dog can ease a lot of stress when testifying (and perhaps also diminish the fear caused by having the perpetrator so nearby?).
    Perhaps if the dog is kept out of sight?

  3. #adultthinkstamponsdeflowergirls Mom, can rachel723 come over and play at our website? I’ll be nice a share my toys and let her make lots of comments.

    I hate to laugh at work. I hate my job. Don’t want anyone think I can experience joy while here.

  4. I was in Girl Guides for many years. I really enjoyed it. When I was young I’m sure I said the oath, but when I got older I just wouldn’t say the God part. We’d all say it together at the beginning of the meeting, so no one really noticed. I’m disappointed in them for being so focused on faith, Girl Guides is a fantastic organization in every other respect.

  5. Also – pets are extremely comforting in times of stress. If I were on a trial like that, I’d love to have a dog with me. When I got my cat Xerxes P. Fluffington, I was suffering from serious depression, and she did wonders for me when I was suffering from that and anxiety attacks.

      1. Great! :) Love the night shot of Xerxes looking from behind a blue curtain at what appears to be white christmas lights.

    1. Kudos for flawless use of the name Fluffington! :3 All my critters have full names too. Yes, I know this seems nutty but Royal McLovin III seems to fit my little snake so well! The dogs have more “serious” names…

  6. Am I the only one cynical enough to think that the tampon question (and most or all of the ‘Ask the Expert’ questions) are made up by the people at Tampax? Sort of their version of an FAQ?

  7. Please do note that this is the UK version of the Girl Scouts; the Girl Scouts USA are a wonderful organization that does a lot to empower girls. And they are in no way affiliated with the Boy Scouts and their homophobic quasi-military christian-organization stance. The girl scouts have no anti-gay policies, and there are definitely lesbian leaders and scouts in the GS, for sure. And although their pledge does have a line about “serving god and my country,” the official Girl Scout policy states: “…that the word ‘God’ may be interpreted depending on individual spiritual beliefs. When reciting the Girl Scout Promise, ‘God’ may be substituted with a word dictated by those beliefs.” So you can choose to serve “freedom,” “compassion,” “other people,” “rationality,” or whatever you consider of transcendent importance, instead of “god.”

    Girl scouting did a lot of good for me and many girls/women that I know. I’m just always afraid that when similar organizations are shown to have asshole policies, the GS-USA will get tarred with the same brush and lose much-needed support, so wanted to clear that up.

    1. Yeah. Actually, Girl Guides doesn’t require the ‘god’ part either. The article quoted in the linked post makes that clear – girls can replace ‘god’ with anything – and Guides has never been a Christian movement the way Boy Scouts in the US seems to be. I’ve been a Guide leader in Canada for ages and a Girl Guide before that. We don’t have ‘god’ in our pledge. We let the older girls choose and with Brownies we just omitted the phrase from the pledge.

      Of course, individual units can be ruled by the leaders of those units. If you have a Bible-thumper Brown Owl, I guess she could demand that god be in the pledge.

  8. I think the girl may learn a good lesson about peer pressure from the Brownies. “All you have to do to join our merry group is to give away a little of what you believe. What’s the harm?”

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