In Case You Missed It: July 17-July 23 on the Skepchick Network

Is Barney the Dinosaur a creationist tool? How do you differentiate scientific genius and artistic genius? What do you do with woo-peddling friend? Join the discussion on Mad Art Lab, Teen Skepchick, Skepchick SE and Esceptica!

Mad Art Lab

AI: Academic Art Analysis
Does being skeptical interfere with creating art?

AI: Geek Art Projects
Is there any geeky/artsy/science-y merchandise you would like to see?

AI: Who Decides?
Is there a difference between scientific and artistic genius?

Teen Skepchick

We’re Having an Election?
Olivia begins a series in which she takes a look at the qualifications and positions of U.S. presidential candidates. This week: President Barack Obama.

Speak Your Mind: Barney – Creationist Propaganda?
Lauren asks if shows like Barney cause children to misunderstand the evolution of life on Earth.

Space Shuttle, I Hardly Knew Ye
In which Mindy discusses how the space shuttle program inspired her to be a better person.

Skepchick SE

Indescribable Unnecessary (på svenska)
Kaylee reacts to the recent tragedy in Norway.


Tercer Grado: Making Friends (en español)
What do you do when your friends promote woo?

The Rights of Women in the Skeptical Community (en español)
Angela discusses the intersection of skepticism and reproductive health.

Kick-Ass Ladies (en español)
A look back at some women in cinema and television who rock our faces off.

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  1. There’s a quote from Genisis in the French peice. As far as I know Jesus rejected the old testament in it’s literal sense and created the parables most of which ended up in a new testament. or new covenant.

    If Christians go around quoting the old testament verbatum, I suppose techically they’re not realy Christians but something else.

    1. Something else = ignorant. That’s all. Christians love to quote bible passages, because that’s all they have. They tend not to notice the schizophrenia of the bible because we, as humans, naturally tend towards creating a self-consistent universe in our minds, so we only selectively remember the things that fit with our vision of the universe, right or wrong. It’s an unfortunate side effect of being human.

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