Skepchick Quickies 6.10


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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    1. One This Old House project many years ago had a woman electrician who had a pair of pink lineman’s pliers. One time they asked her about them and she said it was so none of the guys would steal them, but I’m pretty sure she was joking, since nothing will stop an electrician from stealing another electrician’s pliers.

    2. Exactly. My mom always threatened to paint her tools pink to keep my uncle from “borrowing them” forever and never returning. I don’t know if she banked on him never wanting to be seen with them, or that she could rightly claim they were hers because there’s no way he’d paint them that color.

      I think it was optimistic of her honestly, he’d likely try to say that his daughters must have gotten their arts and crafts near them. Still, pink as a way to mark your territory works.

      I’ve heard the same thing works for lighters.

  1. Pink, pink, paaaank. God I hate pink. Aside from it being constantly shoved in my face as the “official color of women,” there’s now an informal study that proves that most women’s favorite color is _not_ pink, surprisingly enough.
    Basically how I see it, most people’s favorite color is blue or green. Therefore they should make all products blue or green. I know I’d be happy. (My favorite color is blue.)

  2. My wife actually owns the exact same tiny flowery multi-tool hammer that’s shown in the Cracked article. She thought it was cute, it was very cheap, and wanted to have her own multi-purpose tool.
    The hammer isn’t actually pink, but a flower pattern.
    I was disappointed the article mentioned pink guns, but left off the Hello Kitty AR-15.

  3. Plus, before the 1950’s, pink was the designated color for boys, and blue for girls. What happened?

  4. My favorite color is orange; I just bought myself an orange watch this week.

    I have a floral-print credit card (at the time it was the only one I could get, and I preferred the floral to, I think, a US flag design), so if someone comments on it, I say it’s so neither my husband nor my son will use it.

  5. Guns for women. I bet they are designed by men though so you’ll be standing there and it’ll go off in your hand before your ready.

  6. RE: The MUS-SCI-ANS

    It makes sense not because of the mathematical basis of music (or the musical basis for mathematics) but because the arts and sciences both thrive on self indulgence. Satisfying a personal curiosity or creative urge is what leads to breakthroughs and the resulting reputations.

    I wonder if the the linearity of music makes it more amenable to the cause/effect sci-mind than static visual arts.

  7. I have to say women specific tools and guns are a pretty pointless, but knees on the other hand are not. For years, artificial knees have been pretty much one size fits all and built specifically for men. Orthopedic surgeons, who are mostly men, finally got the idea that women’s knees are anatomically different and that maybe we shouldn’t just cram in any old joint.

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