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This is– sadly– a goodbye post to Skepchick. I have blogged on and off (mostly off, sometimes) for Skepchick for the past five years. I’ve really enjoyed my time posting here, but I’ve made the very difficult decision to leave Skepchick. I will miss posting here and being part of the Skepchick community and interacting with the readers here. I will miss the Skepchick ladies, Sam, and all of you, but don’t worry– I’ll still be in the skeptical community. I’ll even be at TAM 9 in July! So, I’ll see you all around. And I’ll still post comments here now and then.

There are several reasons why I have decided to leave Skepchick. Mostly, it comes down to the fact that I just won’t have time to post the kind of quality posts that I would like to write. In the next few months I will be finishing up my thesis and moving overseas and getting married– I’m going to be extremely busy. Also, I’ve found that I very much enjoying blogging about rocks, and Skepchick isn’t quite the right venue for that sort of blogging. Back in November of 2010 I started my geology blog Georneys. Well, my little geology blog has grown in readership over the past several months. I’m thrilled to announce that Georneys has recently been invited to join a professional blogging network. I am signing the contract this week, and my new blog should go live in early July. Having Georneys move to a professional network is a huge opportunity for me, and I want to be able to devote effort to making Georneys an excellent geology blog. Unfortunately, with my thesis and personal changes, I just don’t have room for Skepchick, too.

So– goodbye, everyone!

If you like rocks, I hope you’ll continue to follow my writings at Georneys. I am not yet allowed to announce my blog move officially, but when I can I’ll put up the new link here in comments and also on my old blogspot site (

All the best,


Evelyn is a geologist, writer, traveler, and skeptic residing in Cape Town, South Africa with frequent trips back to the US for work. She has two adorable cats; enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking; and has a very large rock collection. You can follow her on twitter @GeoEvelyn. She also writes a geology blog called Georneys.

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  1. Congratulations! (On everything.)

    P.S. I have a plot afoot, hope we’re not to late.

    1. Evelyn, with all the creepiness in the elevator guy issue and so forth, I thought I should explain what I meant… My plot involves inviting you and your dad to do a recap of your interviews with him about the tsunami and nuclear power plant problems at our local Skeptics in the Pub. However, I’m not the official inviter/organizer, who I haven’t heard back from, so I don’t know if you have been contacted, or if you have any interest in doing this, or if the schedule could be worked out (due to your imminent move.) Usually, I would have just let my comment hang and let you guys work it out off-line, but I thought I should explain.
      Anyway, speaking solely for my self, I would love to have you and your dad come and talk to us.

      1. Hmm… I haven’t been contacted by anyone yet. I’m out in Wyoming until the end of July. Then nomadic for a bit then moving to South Africa in August.

  2. Congratulations, congratulations, rock on, and thanks for the interesting geology posts! And seriously it’s the schist that you’re leaving.

  3. You will be missed! Best of luck; it looks like you are heading for some very exiting times!

  4. Evelyn, I haven’t read your blog much, but I did keep up with it during the Japanese earthquake stuff, when you interviewed your dad. I don’t think i heard all of the episodes, but I did listen to a fair number. It was great stuff, and I’ll try to become a regular reader.

    See you at TAM 9!

  5. While I’m going to miss your contributions here, it’s nice to know that the reasons for your leaving are happy ones. Congratulations. I’d like to second the praise for the earthquake stories you filed here, they were riveting. Good luck and tap your foot to the wind.

  6. You’ll be sorely missed Evelyn! My hearty congratulations on getting to this point in your thesis work, as well as your upcoming wedding. Please try to avoid any more pirates in your future endeavors!

  7. Oh schist! You’re leaving? I hope you enjoy taking on the mantle of a professional geologist. It’s a tuff field.

    I’ve enjoyed your posts, and wish you the best of success in your future.

  8. Congratulations! While I’m sad to that we will lose your contributions on skepchick, I’m really happy that things have worked out so well for you.

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