Skepchick Quickies 5.27


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Salem’s frauds, hucksters and vultures can’t make a living? Boo f-ing hoo. ‘Psychics’ are an absolute embarrassment to the Human Race, delusional or deliberate. The casual acceptance of this as a ‘profession’ makes my blood boil.

    1. My sentiments EXACTLY. I’m not sure what the lesser of the evils is though – having these con artists out there conning morons, or having them on unemployment & having the tax payers foot the bill. Can’t we send them all to Mars?

      1. I’m channelling a Martian as I write, and ix is saying they want no part of psychics unless they are edible.

    2. No, Nightshade, you missed it. The problem is that some are not TRAINED. They hold people’s LIVES in their hands, and they’re not TRAINED.

  2. I feel it is my duty to point out, in the Surfing Madonna story, that the mayor of Encinitas is named James Bond.

  3. Your honor, my religion teaches that mischievous spirits can enter my body and make me commit armed robbery during a nationwide one-man crime spree. Can I go now?

  4. They’re not trained? Does that mean they are self-taught in cold reading instead of learning from someone else?

  5. Two trials. In one, scientists are accused of failing to have magic powers and of failing to predict the unpredictable. In the other, not guilty by reason of “a ghost told me to do it.”

    “In mitigation David Martin-Sperry said: “The complainant [the mother/victim in the attack] knows her daughter and knows what sort of person she is and has complete faith and trust in her daughter and love for her daughter.”

    Cause like, she would never, ever, ever come to her in the middle of the night and attempt to stab her to death as she slept. Well, yes, she did do that, at first. But the mother had it coming. She had violated the unwritten law. Dimsdale The daughter wanted to let her off, but the mother insisted.

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