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  1. I was deeply moved by the story of the Syrian woman’s father.

    So, when my father says he will not leave until either democracy comes or he is dead, I have no choice but to stay. Not because he is making me, but because he is not making me.

    We sent the rest away; any who can, any who will left for Beirut. I cannot go. He’s staying so so will I.

    They’re both heroes to me.

  2. Ugh, I could have formatted that a little better. Complete chaos ensues when I don’t have a preview button available.

    1. Imrryr says:

      Ugh, I could have formatted that a little better. Complete chaos ensues when I don’t have a preview button available.

      That, and blockquote. Why was this so-called “upgrade” necessary?

  3. Your Bashar and your Maher, they will not live forever, they will not rule forever, and you both know that. So, if you want good things for yourselves in the future, you will leave and you will not take Amina with you. You will go back and you will tell the rest of yours that the people like her are the best friends the Alawi could ever have and you will not come for her again.
    “And right now, you two will both apologize for waking her and putting her through all this. Do you understand me?”


  4. Indeed, that’s one hardcore dad.
    Although I get the impression he knows some sufficiently important people, which means he could probably make good on his threats (as he did in the end of the account). It helps to know the right people.
    Still, non-violence FTW!

  5. BTW, the vaccine article in Wired does a really nice job of laying it all out. Plus, I’m always fascinated by epidemiology.

  6. Since no one has commented on it yet, I think it’s pretty awesome that a Girl Scout troop got $20,000 for their patent on the prosthetic writing device. The debate on whether the girl should have been taught to write with her other hand is a separate issue.

  7. In the article about the sex education site, I disagreed with the bishops who felt that the site used ‘demeaning and sexually explicit terminology’. It is a frank discussion that may disturb the sensibilities of bishops who are, from what I hear, not practicing sex. The bishops stated concern for the people that may seek abortions, that they may have long term consequences. While I certainly question the agenda of these bishops and their concern, I did look under the section labeled, Is it safe? It said ‘Yes. My Aunt Lucia says that abortions are safe and effective, though some people may experience temporary discomfort. She also says that early abortions have less risk than those done later in the pregnancy.’ It glosses over the fact that this is in fact a medical procedure and there are some health risks (even if low). With that said, I believe that this is one resource of many. I hope people wanting to educate themselves would look into a variety of sources before coming to their own conclusions.

  8. We had an election in Canada last night – the Conservatives won. I am depressed about it. The lesbian story helps put that loss in perspective.

    1. The Liberals and the NDP need to get together like the Conservatives and the Tories did.

  9. See this is the information that should being broadcast about vaccines. If people understand nothing, dollar signs usually get through to them. Hopefully.. *sigh* I’m getting cynical in my young age about humans..
    And then stories like Amina’s make me so happy and proud, I almost cry. For her father do to do that, from that religious framework, in that political climate – hardcore has been used, amazing and brilliant and so many other superlatives need to be used. I am so grateful and happy to have seen this here and have had to the opportunity to have read this. Maybe there’s hope for humanity yet.

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