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In Case You Missed It: May 8 – May 14 on the Skepchick Network

Did you survive Friday the 13th? Of course you did. It’s bollocks. And your rewards is a list of highlights from across the Skepchick Network for May 8 – May 14.

Mad Art Lab

To Market, To Market
Is shopping at the local farmer’s market more energy efficient than shopping at the grocery store?

Science Cast in Silver: Peggy Skemp
An interview with the skeptical artist.

Hillary Clinton Erased from History? Not So Fast!
Mad Art Lab’s witty response to the Der Zeitung Situation Room photo.

Gorillas in the Midst
A poem on human’s evolutionary history.

Teen Skepchick

Abounding Superstition
Some common superstitions for Friday the 13th

“Sceptic” is Not a Swear Word
New TS contributor Beccy explains the negative connotations of the word “sceptic” and why we need to take the word back.

Words to the Wise
A new Teen Skepchick feature for the lovers of words.

Why “Believe” is Not the Right Word to Use
Some things are true whether you “believe” them or not.

Skepchick SE

Sex, Gray Areas and Myths About Men and Women (Click here for the original Swedish)
On sexual abuse and sexual “gray areas.”

Why Criticize Religion (Click here for the original Swedish)
Felicia argues that God should be subject to the same criticisms as other woo.

Pyramidioter (Click here for the original Swedish)
How to tell the difference between real job offers and pyramid schemes.

Disasters (Click here for the original Swedish)
Victims of natural disasters don’t move this Skepchick.

Featured image credit: NatalieMaynor


Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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