Act Now! Your Money Doubled!

Why donate to SkepchickCON? There are some really good reasons to hand over a little dough to this cause, but this week the biggest and best reason to donate is because, due to the generosity of an anonymous donor, your contribution will be DOUBLED!! (An occasion for SUPERCAPSLOCK, if ever there was one.)

That’s right, I said doubled. For the next week if you donate $50 or more, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar. That’s twice as much money to support this important skeptical outreach project, a portion of which will also go to supporting the Jahwar Amber Humanist Trust Fund (JAF), an organization of free thinkers in Kenya, for their Conference on Philosophy, Sexuality and Atheism.

Donate $50 to have your contribution doubled and that’s not all! You’ll also receive an exclusive Surly-Ramics necklace specially commissioned as a thank you gift and hand made by our very own Surly Amy!

But wait there’s more: Your $50 will be matched and you’ll get the exclusive Surly, plus a custom SkepchickCON Donor button hand made with love and kisses by Rebecca Watson!!

Donate $75 and your contribution will be doubled, you’ll get the exclusive Surly, the custom button AND a Skepchick Dogma Disruptor t-shirt!!!

Here’s one more donation offer: the first three people to donate $200 and come to SkepchickCON will get lunch with all the Skepchicks who are attending. There will be eating and talking. You can ask us questions and we’ll answer them. We’ll ask you questions and you’ll answer them! It’ll be like a slumber party except it will be lunchtime and we won’t be wearing PJs and no pillow fights. Probably. You never really know when a Skepchick pillow fight will break out.

Only fifty-nine days until the event and we’re working hard to put together great programming and opportunities for people who don’t know about skepticism to meet and learn from some of the best skeptical activists there are. SkepchickCON is a four day event held in conjunction with CONvergence, the annual sci-fi convention in Minneapolis, MN. This is the third time we’ve run this event and this year promises to be the best yet, with a fantastic line up of special guests. We’re asking for your help to make this all happen. Please consider donating to via the handy dandy widget in the sidebar.

So act now to take advantage of this chance to double your contribution and get some awesome, exclusive thank you gifts. Our generous, kind, thoughtful and attractive anonymous donor will match funds up to $500.00. The matching offer ends at midnight on Sunday, May 8.


Kammy is an skeptic, mom, wife, Dungeon Master (D&D, not BDSM) and crafter. Humble receptionist by day, fierce social justice warrior/cleric by night. She's mad as hell about sexists, racists and lets face it, white men in general and she's not gonna take it anymore.

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    1. I was going to send out super-cool brand-spankin’-new Skepchick-Surlies as a thank you but if you donate and would prefer a design I already do just let me know!

      1. Excellent. Now I just need to fund my paypal account, which should take only a few days. In the meantime, there are a couple pre-existing Surlies I’ve had my eyes on, but can you show or describe the new one so I can make a fully informed decision? :)

  1. Gonna have a discussion with my piggy bank this week…we’ll see what it can do.

  2. What precisely do we have to donate to get to go to an actual Skepchick slumber party/pillow fight? ‘Cause I’d probably have a yard sale, or something, to fund that.

    In any event – well done ladies!

    1. There are pillows at SkepchickCON and lots of Skephicks will be there…bring a checkbook. :P

      And thank you!

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