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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “…ladies who mess around damage their relationships more than men who mess around…”

    I think this comes down to the common attitude in western society that goes something like: If a man has a lot of sexual partners, eh, what can you do? He’s a chick magnet! Buy him a beer! But if a woman has a lot of sexual partners — WHOA THERE SLUTBAG.

    This attitude is why people think “female infidelity is different”. And I feel like people like this Ian Kerner are so indoctrinated by this attitude that they can’t be changed at this point.

  2. Re: ‘Sunday’ — so it’s true…some ‘songs’ CAN make you want to commit violence…arrggh

  3. If it’s ok for men to have affairs but not ok for women to have affairs (or premarital sex), then the only way that can work out is men cheat on their spouses with other men. Oh wait, the goal isn’t for everyone to win, but to set up a situation where there always has to be a loser, and that loser is generally the woman.

  4. I wish I could have been on that slut walk! I hope this is a sign of a coming wave of feminist activism.

  5. I like how a casual disregard for traffic safety and physics cuts across all teenage belief systems. They are united in their high probability of becoming organ donors.

  6. I clicked through to the cited article for the toronto slut walk, and then I made the mistake of reading some of the comments… /facepalm

    I happen to agree with him. You dress like a slut you will get treated like one. And why should you blame the officer? It’s your society which turns women into chattel by making a half naked woman sell a pepsi or sprite bottle. That’s your progress, your business, your freedoms that the evil terrorists hate. Also, girls today dress like sluts so the whole lot of them take offense when someone tells it how it is. Kudos to you Officer.
    Of course the men are responsible who perpetrate this, but seriously, when they chose their victim I’m sure that they searched for someone who was eyecandy to them. They wouldn’t say—choose a hindu or sikh or muslim woman who was covered in their traditional clothing.

    … because non-western women NEVER get raped.


  7. @davew: I don’t understand how your comment relates to the article. Were all the walkers teenagers (I’m pretty sure I saw plenty of adults)? Do you think an effective protest can be achieved by walking in small quiet groups along the sidewalk? Maybe I’m missing something.

  8. @Kaloikagathoi: I don’t understand how your comment relates to the article.

    I was referring to the parody video. Both the original and the remake have people riding in a car sitting on the back hood of a convertible. They are one sudden stop away from a parabolic trajectory.

  9. @davew: Ah! I didn’t click on that link, and its contents did not therefore have any reality. Thanks for the explanation!

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