Skepchick Quickies, 4.27


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  1. FWIW, HPL’s filters don’t like the site “unicornbooty.com”. However, George Takei commented on this, and suggested that his name be used instead.

    “Mom, Dad, I’m Takei.”

    Of course, that makes the end of “In & Out” sound like an argument at a Star Trek convention…

  2. Re: Chemical-free chemistry set.

    That is sad. Especially considering how much less dangerous the chemicals in the chemistry sets were when I was a kid compared to how dangerous many household substances can be.
    But, it’s not surprising to see things go this way. People get scared of things that make little sense to be scared of.

  3. Let’s play Tennessee legislature mad libs.

    Tennessee passed a/an (adjective) crazy law prohibiting (noun)(verb) to preserve a person’s (noun) to (verb).

  4. A chemical free chemistry set doesn’t worry me. If the experiments are fun and educational, not having to worry about running out of chemicals you don’t know how to replace cheaply is a good thing.
    My gripe with the box is the claim that it’s fun experiments with no chemicals. It isn’t. It’s fun experiments with household chemicals.

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