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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Live science must be having a slow news day. Some young women feel sad after sex. OK

    Can we replace young women with other words and see if it still sounds valid?

    Young men? ok
    Married people? sure
    Preists? probably higher
    Porcupines? maybe

    Should we look further into this? I guess, but does it really seem surprising that, given the hang ups humans have about sex, anyone might occasionally feel sad, euphoric, pissed, tired, or you name it after sex.
    And given the extra dose of hang ups added by the sky-daddy myths that we humans insist on clinging to it is not surprising that one in ten always feel sad after the dirty, dirty act of participating in evolution.

    Somewhere, baby Jebus is snickering.

  2. I am glad to see that the atheist conference has finally found the apropriate job for Rebecca, in charge of the booze and embarassing vocal outbursts (karaoke).

    ‘Bought time she found the kitchen.

  3. @mrmisconception: I think it’s definitely worth looking into. If it has a hormonal cause that exclusive to women, then that’s a piece of information all women need to know. We tend to look to our bodies to tell us what we’re feeling (as opposing to, or alongside, having a feeling and THEN having a reaction). If a woman knows that her feeling bad after intercourse is brought about by hormones, she won’t misattribute the feeling to something else . . . like her or her partner’s performance, for instance. It’s worth knowing as a therapist as well, whether you deal with sexual disfunction, couples, or depression.

    Of course, one of the points of rigorous study is to eliminate confounds and determine significance. I would assume (hope?) that the focus is on women in this article is because they tested men as well and found that women experienced this significantly more than men. Then again, I’m not looking at the original article this information was drawn from.

    Amanda, you might want to ask Rebecca if she’s sure she didn’t find a tribble.

    Nice April Fool’s link. Now I have to give offerings to the porcelain god. Excuse me… :8

  4. @rlquinn1980
    That was sort of my point. Not that this isn’t important, just that in this small study, one out of three young women experienced postcoital blues at some point in their lives.
    There was no mention of whether men were studied as well.
    They said themselves that out side forces, such as prior abuse, may lend to the feeling of sadness.
    It was an annoyingly vague article. That’s all.

    My intention was to show that this is yet another example of lazy science reporting (on LiveScience no less) not to dismiss any true effect that might be there. Is there a real effect? Don’t know, the study was small and a lot of relevant info was left out of this story.

    But the at some point in there lives part was particularly galling.

  5. @mrmisconception: You’re right. Too many of these articles are entirely too vague, or they hit on the high points and miss the subtleties that, in research methodology, are equally important.

    With the exception of a few writers, SA seems to be going that way as well. *sigh*

  6. @Mark Hall: They’re actually pretty cute aren’t they? Adorable little armored babies.

    @mrmisconception: Yeah, when I first saw the photo show up in my feeds, I thought Zoo Borns was playing an April Fools joke. Or it could be because I spent all yesterday afternoon looking for sperm.

  7. @mrmisconception: The media does loves a soundbite snippet, especially if the headline implies that some large percentage of the population is sad. On the other hand, about one out of three young women have faked orgasm at some point in their lives.

  8. Call me sentimental, but I’d like to think that if Einstein were alive today he and Hawking would be doing science together like the Ebony and Ivory of theoretical physics.

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