The Rebecca Watson Game Show and Variety Hour (and MORE) at TAM 9!

Registration has opened for The Amaz!ng Meeting 9, happening July 14-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada! Here are some of the highlights for those of you who are most likely reading this post:

1. The Rebecca Watson Game Show and Variety Hour! If you were at DragonCon or TAM Oz last year, you have an idea of the awesomeness that is likely to occur this year at TAM when I host a quiz show with celebrity guest stars and audience participation. It’s happening Thursday night after the cocktail reception, but you have to buy your ticket when you register for TAM. It’s only $20 and I assure you, it will be worth it.

2. A live recording of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe! As in previous years, Steve, Bob, Jay, Evan, and I will be broadcasting SGU live from the main stage Friday and Saturday. We’ll also be having another SGU dinner, which sells out every year so be sure to buy your ticket when you register!

3. Workshops and panels with more Skepchicks! Elyse Anders, Surly Amy Davis Roth, and Maria Walters are all scheduled to appear.

4. More women on stage than men! For possibly the first time ever at a large skeptic conference, there will be a slight majority of women presenting, like Carol Tavris, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Sara Mayhew, Jennifer Ouellette, Greta Christina, Rachael Dunlop, Karen Stollznow, Harriet Hall, Pamela Gay, Genie Scott, Jen McCreight, and more. Holy WTF, way to go JREF! Next year we can work on the racial diversity . . . but that’s a post for another time.

5. Lots more Official Friends of Skepchick on stage! There will be plenty of our favorite dude Friends of Skepchick like PZ Myers, David Gorski, Richard Wiseman, Phil Plait, Adam Savage, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, George Hrab, Richard Saunders, and moooooore! JREF, my head just exploded with happy.

I know you’re all hoping for a #6 with info on the Skepchick party, but last year kind of wore us out, and we’ve been working hard to expand the site and haven’t had a lot of time to think about it. But I’ll let you know as soon as we decide what (if anything) is happening. No matter what, you’ll see a lot of us both on stage and hanging out chatting all weekend long.

Okay, so who’s in?

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. I have been watching out for registration to open. Thanks for the info. I’ll get on it ASAP!

    Emailing my husband now to see if he wants to join me at our first ever TAM! So excited!

    Any tips from previous TAM attendees that might help our/my trip go smoothly?

  2. @Laika:

    Emailing my husband now to see if he wants to join me at our first ever TAM! So excited!

    That sentence made me grin ear to ear. I feel like we finally won a battle against all the people who told me that the only reason women would go to TAM is because their husbands drag them.

  3. So epic, I can’t wait! If possible, arrive before Wednesday evening to party in the Del Mar Skeptical Bar with many of your favorite speakers and celebs.

  4. So want to go. But, I am attempting to save some cash and pay off some debt and I have trips to Montreal and Washington DC to save for, and there is a possible trip to Vegas near the end of the year, plus I may need to get a hotel room if I do the Airforce Marathon in Daytona, I just don’t think I can afford it this year. May go to the skeptrack in Atlanta though…

  5. Sadly, lacking funds. But progress that I actually considered going to this one. Maybe next year.

  6. Wouldn’t miss it!
    @Laika: You won’t be the only newbies there. Everybody’s most welcoming–just join right in!
    @DataJack: Looking forward to seeing you and CaveGal in the Del Mar.

  7. Yet again, I will miss TAM. But at least I’ll get to rep for Mad Art Lab at NECSS.
    I heard about the game show on an episode of The Skeptic Zone and it sounded super fun. It also clogged up my Twitter feed for an amusing but baffling stretch :)

  8. I haven’t registered yet, but I will be there. And don’t forget, if there is a Skepchick party, about the baptism/communion into the “Church Of Derek” using Lollibakes and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.


  9. Even if I weren’t suffering from the cash-strappedness that comes from not being able to handle money, I wouldn’t be able to go anyway. My significant other wouldn’t allow me to go on my own, and she probably wouldn’t be caught dead there.

    But I want to, if only to meet some of you folks… hell, to meet anyone who shares my basic viewpoint and can understand what the hell I’m talking about more than half the time.

    Skepticism + Anthony = Lonely: :(

  10. @Anthony
    A Skeptics in the Pub just opened in my city. I went to it, which is very odd for me – I am not at all a social critter. I stop by friends’ birthday parties before they begin to say ‘hi’ and drop off a gift. I got dragged to a bar with friends once, and snuck out when nobody was looking to return library books.

    I didn’t order food so that I could bail at a moment’s notice. I ended up staying voluntarily for 4 hours!

    It was, I think, the first time I’ve ever been able to talk freely about religion, psychics or alt med where the only choices weren’t ‘fight’, ‘filter’ or ‘offend’.

    My SITP was organized by the Center for Inquiry, which I found through

  11. I should probably write you to ask…. but I’m lazy. What’s the format of the game show? Is it Jeopardy-like?


    PS – Yes, it’s me! I’ve crawled out from under my burdens and re-joined humanity!

  12. Uh huh, can’t wait,
    I’m a skeptic, damn straight,
    Goin’ to TAM
    What about CAM?
    Set me straight
    Bad astronomer, Phil Plait!!

  13. @maggie: The format is TBA, but it’ll most likely be a panel of celebrity guests with buzzers while the audience plays along using Twitter.

    And hello and welcome back to the land of sun and skepticism!

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