Skepchick Quickies 3.24


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Pole Dancing for Jesus. Now biblically inspired stripper clothes. Whether you are spreading the word of god in a windowless building down by the airport or just filling you husband with god’s grace we have the outfit for you.

  2. Happy Birthday Harry Houd… u~~~c where’d he go?


    Re: Andrew Wakefield
    So, there is a rise in autism rates in a specific ethnic community?
    First, is it true? I would trust AW for any info much less that.
    Second, assuming it’s true, you know what else explains a rising autism rate in a specific ethnic community? Genetics!!!! A well established scientific phenomenon that requires no belief in magical thinking and scare mongering, maybe we should look into that? This man is just a cock.

    Re: Pole dancing for Jesus
    This is either a very cheeky Poe or it is the end result of the buffet-style religion that seems to be in practice today.
    No idols? – But tattoos are ok right?
    Shalt not covet? – What communist came up with that?
    Love thy neighbor? Oh yeah!!
    No adultery? – But what about love thy neighbor?

    Re: Adam Savage
    ADAM SAVAGE is The Secret. I knew that man was important. ;)

    Re: Accupuncture
    Science once again proves that holding someone’s hand can make them feel better.
    Bravo, you have cracked the no-shit school of medical secrets.
    Next up, mother’s spit is magic (kissing boo-boos works and it can clean anything), noses are in fact detatchable until the age of five, and humans have an as yet unidentified nerve running from the fingers to the sphincter that are sensitive to elongating tension).
    Can we stop testing this shit yet?

  3. Of the 11 reported measles cases so far in the outbreak in Minnesota, 4 were too young to be vaccinated, 5 were unvaccinated, and 2 have unknown vaccine status. MMR vaccination has been declining in the local Somali community because of unwarranted fear about the safety of the vaccine — fear that all comes back to Wakefield. The timing of his visit is unbelievable.

  4. @scribe999
    That would only work for me if like cures like since those places make me sick.

    There is a strip club 3000 miles from here, so I’m feeling homeopathically great.

  5. I’m near Chicago but I was speaking metaphorically, however Amsterdam is around 4000 miles away and I understand there may be a stip club or two there.

    I’m also getting a contact high, which is nice.

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