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Behind the scenes at Skepchick HQ: International women’s day vs. Daniel Craig

It’s International Women’s Day! Hooray for us! Behind the scenes at Skepchick HQ, we got lots of great links and information about this day when we celebrate women and all they do. We also received this wonderful YouTube video from reader Georgina with the message:

Very emotive and interesting video featuring Daniel Craig and Judi Dench relating to gender equality with some sobering yet interesting statistics about women in the world.

The video:

Pretty great, right? We thought so. Here’s the conversation that went on behind the scenes:

Jen: Uh oh. Was I supposed to feel interested and emotive because of this? Because I mostly thought Daniel Craig in drag was kind of hot.

Me: I’m one worse. I only clicked the link after you said that :) I <3 Daniel Craig.

Elyse: Me too. Then stared at his boobs.

Read the rest after the fold!

Debbie: Haaawwwt.  I especially like after he pulls off the wig.

Amy: So should we post it? Cuz yeah he is sexy and what was the point…. something about women……

Felicia: I think anything with Craig is worth posting regardless of message. Besides, technically he’s an animal so he qualifies under cute animal friday if nothing else.

Evelyn: My only input is that once Daniel Craig takes his shirt off, you don’t even notice the ears. Women’s Day what?

Carrie: Hey! I love his little monkey ears!

Amy: We have demonstrated on Women’s day that we are just as bad as the mens.

Felicia: Yay for equality!

Happy International Women’s Day, y’all!


Maria D'Souza grew up in different countries around the world, including Hong Kong, Trinidad, and Kenya and it shows. She currently lives in the Bay Area and has an unhealthy affection for science fiction, Neil Gaiman and all things Muppet.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for posting my video link! Its my first time too!

    Can I just chip in with the “Daniel Craig is hot in a dress” convo? Damn, I love a bit of the Dench! Her sultry tones are the best bit of the video, even if the facts she’s talking about bring tears to my eyes in the worst way.

    Us women rock and should be respected as the critical parts of this world that we are! If we all vanished, the men wouldn’t know what to do because a lot of us are in the admin and clerical positions. Try organising your meeting diaries without us if you dare! Not to say that that is all we do but it’s still fun!

  2. Objectifying a man dressed as a woman seems like a very bizarre way to celebrate International Women’s Day, but damn if I can’t help myself either.

  3. @mightyamoeba: Honestly, I don’t find Daniel Craig that attractive. I know people will flame me for that but I just don’t! I chose the video because of the content rather than the stars featured, but everyone can take from it what they want! :D

  4. Yay International Women’s Day! Celebrate your woman early and often today! Preferably, in an international manner!

  5. @georgina: Yes! Judi Dench has the most amazingly sexy voice.

    @mightyamoeba: Actually I think it’s the perfect way to celebrate. I don’t think there is anything wrong with objectification per se — everybody does it sometimes, and everybody has it done to them sometimes. So long as seeing someone as an object of desire doesn’t get in the way of seeing them as a person, and so long as it doesn’t make you treat them any different, viewing people of whatever gender you prefer that way is part of the human condition.

    I for one like having my hot ass admired, as long as it doesn’t happen at the expense of admiring my even hotter brain. ;)

  6. I’ve often thought Daniel Craig was hot, partly ’cause he resembles my boyfriend, and partly because the first role I saw him in was the BBC production of Copenhagen where he played Heisenberg, and tormented physicists are waaay sexy.

    I do think that he is quite hot in this video, and it’s not an objectification thing. It has more to do with the fact that a man who is comfortable dressing in drag, not to mock femininity, but to mirror it for the sake of a feminist message, exudes a kind of confidence in his own manhood that is a huge turn on. It indicates a manhood that does not define itself in opposition to femininity, but is not uncertain, either.

  7. @Felicia: I for one like having my hot ass admired, as long as it doesn’t happen at the expense of admiring my even hotter brain. ;)

    Pics or it didn’t happen? ;-)

  8. The fact that, in my mind, M and Bond are fighting for the rights of women make me a lot more optimistic. Seriously. Anything Bond and M are on is a mission that not only has a million times more hope, but is going to be a billion times more fun!

    Happy IWD! Twas a good one this year!


  9. I still can’t get my head around women not being paid as much as men for the same job, how is the still happening?

    Not to mention the double standards that women have to deal with and the violence against them.

    Stuff like this needs to keep being put out there. Woman have come far, but man they have so, so far to go.

  10. @Felicia: The Internet is a strange, and often disturbing place.

    As to the video, I must admit I rather enjoyed the subversion of the masculinity of the most famous womanizer in cinema history.

    Now if they can only come up with an excuse to get him in drag in the next Bond flick. :-p

  11. Hi there!

    Someone told me about the video, and said that it included “Daniel Craig in drag”, as if it that were the most disgusting thing in the world, so I went into this thinking he made a pretty hideous woman.

    Then when I watched it, y’know, he actually is kind of hot as a transwoman.

    Not nearly as hot as the people in THIS commercial for Campari: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAZhdrB8cjA but your mileage may vary. [nods]

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