6th Interview with my Dad, a Nuclear Engineer, about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in Japan

Until the situation in Japan calms down and after talking to Rebecca, I have decided to keep posting these interview updates with my dad here on Skepchick.

A 6th interview with my dad is now available:

Partway through the audio started echoing (on my side only), which I apologize for. I hope someone will volunteer to make a transcript. Also, I am happy to announce a PR representative from Skype just contacted me to give me free software and try to help me. 



Evelyn is a geologist, writer, traveler, and skeptic residing in Cape Town, South Africa with frequent trips back to the US for work. She has two adorable cats; enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking; and has a very large rock collection. You can follow her on twitter @GeoEvelyn. She also writes a geology blog called Georneys.

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  1. As usual, this interview was excellent. thank you (and your wonderful father) for providing this information for us.

  2. I’ just read the transcripts of the first 5 interviews instead of working this morning. Wow, good work! I now know a great deal more than I did, and I feel a bit better for that. Thanks, and thanks to your Dad!

  3. good work! But also sad, I want to hear and read “and now they have a good handle on it!”

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