Skeptical Ninja of the Week: Malcolm, 7 years old (and his grandma!)

This week’s Skeptical Ninja of the Week is mysteriously known only as Malcolm.  I also know he is 7 years old.  I know this because of this note he sent to the Human Rights Campaign.

Malcom’s grandmother gave him $20 for every year he’s been alive to be used to support causes he believed in.  He picked a charity local to him, and the Human Rights Campaign.  I will say again, he’s 7 year’s old.

I learned a whole lot from my Nana, so while I’m picking Malcolm as our Skeptical Ninja, I’m holding a warm spot in my heart for his kick-ass grandma.

Congrats Malcolm!


A B Kovacs is the Director of Døøm at Empty Set Entertainment, a publishing company she co-founded with critical thinker and fiction author Scott Sigler. She considers herself a “Creative Adjacent” — helping creative people be more productive and prolific by managing the logistics of Making for the masses. She's a science nerd, a rabid movie geek, and an unrepentantly voracious reader. She doesn't like chocolate all that much.

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  1. Is there a real “Malcom”? This kind of thing, without proper attribution, could be a ploy to play on our heartstrings.

    I’m sorry, but for the most part a single internet attribution just does not constitute evidence.

  2. Here I was bragging about my almost 9-y-0 niece getting a COTW and Malcolm comes along. Good job Malcolm!

    P.S.@Finn McR: I first heard about Malcolm on an HRC newsletter, and it looked totally legit. But as skeptics, we should always look for confirmatory evidence.

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