Skepchick Quickies 2.15


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “The event was a fundraiser for autism charities including Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue Foundation, making it a perfectly legitimate way to round off three days of domain name seminars. And arguably tax-deductable too.”

    I think the author, Joe Fay, and I have two very definitions of the term “perfectly legitimate”.

  2. House Bill 368 (PDF), introduced in the Tennessee House of Representatives on February 9, 2011, is the sixth antievolution bill introduced in a state legislature in 2011, and the first introduced in Tennessee since 2007.

    This sentence seems self-contradictory. How can this be the first such bill since 2007, but the 6th this year?

  3. Thanks guys. I thought I was overlooking something, but couldn’t spot it.

    Gas expands as it gets warmer OR the air elves get mad and start punching the sides of the balloon. Teach the controversy!

  4. @Amanda: Sorry, as a copy editor for lifestyle blogs, I read a lot of sing-songy, blurby, blog posts with a gossipy tone, and I’ve become “deaf” to badly implemented sarcasm in text. Being explicit isn’t always ideal, but the joke was pointed at the “domain nerds” described with the overly convoluted description “paying over-the-odds for get-a-peek at the Playboy mansion”, I lost that train when he went into the Generation Rescue stuff.

    Just my take…and despite it being a short blog post, I’d probably ask him for a rewrite if he was one of mine.

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