Happy 10:23 Day/Weekend/Thing from James Randi

This weekend, grassroots organizations around the world will show that homeopathy is nothing more than sugar water by staging mass “overdoses” and other demonstrations. Our own Maria helped organize many of the locations in the US, and Carrie is currently in Manchester for the event’s culmination at QEDCon.

The excellent grassroots effort was even supported by James Randi, who this morning posted a video describing his past experience with similar stunts.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. He didn’t mention that he was on a panel of overseers that re-tested the validity of one of the extremely few times homeopaths had a credible study done.
    Their findings? It was a crappy study. The person who analyzed the test tubes was aware of which tubes had been presented with homeopathic “medicine” and which had not. Thus putting the validity of the study into question. Once they “blinded” the study the results read more like all the other results for homeopathy. It offers nothing more than a placebo effect.

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