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It’s been so long since I’ve done Comment o’ the Week, and yet you all have been so damn funny! Sorry guys! Allow me to make up for it with this extra special giant compendium of comments that made me laugh in the past few weeks.

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Brog on alt med:

“There’s the possibility that a group could end up with something that actually has an active ingredient in it.”

It really drives the point home that in the UK, homeopathy is required by law not to work.

ThePioneer on his sex life:

I guess the only one that really surprises me is the whole “leftists are promiscuous” thing. Most of my friends are radical leftists. Did they miss the memo? Am I with the wrong kind of leftist? Where are these kinky tree huggers hanging out? This makes eco-activism sound like an endless orgy. Where do I sign up?

MorgannaLeFey on her lady parts:


Yeah, I had some small polyps they called them. Those got removed at the same time as my ablation. My mother had a fibroid the size of a softball when I was in 2nd grade. They did a hysterectomy on her.

I love ablation. Wire me up with fine metal mesh inside my woman cave and zap me with electricity! What’s not to love? The outcome was grand for me. Going from like 7 heavy days to 1 or 2 is heaven. I can’t wait until menopause.

mrmisconception on the sexy cheating ads that were running in the sidebar:

@Dale Husband

I’m actually waiting for the inevitable conclution to these types of adds at

Elyse (who is a Skepchick writer and therefore should not be here but whatever) on mrmisconception’s point that she is a geek for alcohol, aka a bar geek:


That’s what I tried to tell everyone at the intervention!

Buzz Parsec‘s niece gets kudos for this:

@nichole: Milk is also a product of an animal’s body, but that’s okay because it is a clean animal and not an insect? Weird. “There’s probably a lot more disgusting stuff in there than this nice clean beetle” – my niece, on being told not to bring her new found giant beetle into a pub/restaurant.

Doubting T, looking on the bright side of textbook changes in Texas:

“The goal will be to equip students to see beyond the uncritical acceptance of majority viewpoints . . .”

Given that a plurality of USAians believe in some form of Creationism, this sounds like an excellent idea. It probably isn’t what the framers of this policy had in mind.

genjokoan on colds and zinc and underpants:

Just to be methodical about it, decades ago I tried several experiments and in my limited trials, Zinc had no effect on colds on subjects in our house. Werther’s butterscotch toffee sweets had no effect either, but were found to be potentially habit forming.

On the leprechaun parties in your underpants drawer question, I will need unfettered access to said underpants for experimental and forensic purposes before I can have an informed opinion.

davew with an interesting solution to colds:

I agree with you 100%. Based on everything I read about this article yesterday the headline yesterday could have been just as well have been “Zinc Probably Has No Effect on Colds.” The authors reviewed a series of studies with low quality, no consistent methodology or product (any form of zinc was acceptable), and none of which have been reproduced.

I have a surefire way to catch fewer colds using zinc. I’ll just take some zinc oxide and write “Frottage Addict” on my forehead. I’m sure the social isolation would drastically cut my risk of infection.

Oh, khan. KHAAAAAN!:

—Agree or disagree, you cannot simply toss the question out the window.—
Some ideas deserve to be defenestrated.

And finally every comment on this thread about ghost sex: you all win.

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I have not played this game before. I must say it is comforting to finally know what COTW means. My imagination can be vast and unforgiving and well maybe we will not go there right now.

    Sorry if I bomb on following directions, but defenestrate has long been one of my favorite words. “Some ideas deserve to be defenestrated.” is like revealed text to me.

    Hope I make sense. Overnight I have been assaulted by some cold-like-flu-thing and I feel like the wrath of an old testament god. I am treating it with Guinness (not zinc) and some lovely little pills perhaps better left unmentioned here.

    unmentioned … unmentionables … oh, what? Why am I dreaming of a girl named Amy?

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