Vaccines: Follow the Money!

New video!

Here’s a timeline showing the money trail, thanks to Brian Deer and the BMJ, or you can read Brian’s full break-down.

While I’m on the topic, did anyone else see this article from the Gates Foundation: Ending the Silence? It really drives home for me how unheard we skeptics are. I thought there was quite a loud pro-vaccine reaction to Brian Deer’s most recent exposé of Andrew Wakefield, but in terms of the mainstream media exposure, was the anti-vaxx response stronger?

Rebecca Watson

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  1. You could yell your message into a bull horn one inch from their face. If they have their fingers in their ears, and are yelling “NOT LISTENING”, that still don’t do you any good.

  2. Why is there no investigation of the lawyer who paid Wakefield to generate the bogus study?

    He and Wakefield should share a prison cell for at least 20 years.

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