Tim Minchin on Conan!

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I love Minchin’s work. I hope we get to see more of him in the U.S.A.
    That said I did not feel that the studio audience ‘connected’ with him. Perhaps they did not quite know what to make of him.

  2. Tim Minchin is freakin’ brilliant. Thank you Rebecca for introducing me to his music. I hope he catches on in the U.S.,I would like to see his DVDs put out in country code #1.

  3. to “thegwinner”
    I completely agree. when I watched the show last night I felt that the audience was distinctly unsure how to react. And, if you watch closely, you can see Tim responding and trying to adjust to the crowd. He is a great performer, and American audiences have forgotten how to listen to lyrics that might mean something.

  4. @BeardofPants:

    LOL! You couldn’t/wouldn’t stand the Minchin-oriented self-centricity required for the short night of Minchin-focussed fun such a fantastical engagement would demand.

  5. Flew down to LA to see Tim on the 11th. He definitely connected w/the Largo audience. He’s so insanely gifted – I think he overwhelms audiences who aren’t specifically seeking out that level of density in lyrics, music and comedic talent. More’s the pity for the US. But I hope he can keep connecting w/audiences who appreciate him and are glad to share this space and time w/him.

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