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Meerrrry Exxxmus, friends and family! I think it’s been awhile since I last awarded a comment o’ the week, but for that you can blame the skeptics in Springfield, Missouri, Australia, and New Zealand for being so damned fun.

As a reminder, you can nominate a comment for Comment o’ the Week by logging in, clicking the little arrow next to the comment, and writing “COTW” somewhere in your comment. It’s easy and fun and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside when someone you nominated wins!

This week’s winner is scribe999, who commented on Bug Girl’s concerns that the Noah’s Ark about to be built would house animals on the boat:

“We want to show how Noah would have taken care of them, taken care of waste management…”

The whole “park” is an exercise in shoveling excrement, so a bronze age level demonstration just seems awfully redundant.

But wait, there are runners-up after the jump!

YuiDaoren on teh gayz in teh militaries:

The military Gay Agenda:

1. Stop worrying about sexuality ending career.
2. Deal with some freak-outs by homophobes.
3. Continue to be willing to risk life for country.
4. Keep doing job despite increase in panic-y sounding homophobic “teasing”.

The military Conservative Agenda:

2. Question own sexuality, leading to:
3. Fear TEH GAY!
4. When gays fail to meet expectations of degrading military cohesion, desperately try to “make it true” by degrading that cohesion themselves.
5. Continue to mistake sexuality for masculinity, despite all evidence to the contrary.
6. Generally make nuisance of themselves.

Maybe there should be a DADT style restriction of conservative ideology in the military. I mean, after all, that really is a choice… isn’t it?

GabrielBrawley on the same topic:

Well if the gays are anything like the ones I served with I assume that their agenda is something along the lines of most peoples agenda when they volunteer to wear the uniform. They love their country, or they need a way to pay for college or graduate school, or pay off loans, or they are sitting around bored and want something else to do or all of these.

If you are willing to put on the uniform and serve then you deserve respect. Which means you don’t have to hide.

And a few longer, serious picks as well deserve mention. Sophie Hirschfield describes the challenges facing those who wish to leave abusive relationships:

It is really difficult to explain to people why abusers stay. I managed to leave an abusive marriage a few years ago, and it was tough. Months after, while I was recovering, I managed to earn certification to do peer counseling, conduct group sessions with victims and assist at the local shelter. The whole process not only helped me heal, but along with studies in psychology, gave me important insights on what goes on in these relationships that lead to so many people going back.

(Read more)

And Barbara_K gives us a good example of how to check sources:

Ok, so all three of the sources cited at the end of the H1N1/miscarriage story use the first link, to, as their ultimate source.

(Read more)

That’s it for this week. Happy Friday, everyone!

Rebecca Watson

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  1. Oh YEAH, there are Skeptics in Springfield, MO! Springfield Freethinkers was started a few years ago, as well as Skeptics in the Pub, and many of the skeptics here volunteer for the region’s growing yearly skeptical convention, Skepticon. :D

    Good times, noodle salad.

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