Skepchick Quickies 12.16


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. When I was teaching, I would regularly wish my students “May the Force be with you” at exam time. Now, I tend to go with “Good luck” to people doing school research.

  2. I completely misread the “free will” headline in a way that made no sense at all. If one does not recognize “free will” as a noun, but instead takes “free” as the sentence’s subject and “will” as a future tense modifier of similar, then the whole thing falls apart.

    Clearly I need more coffee.

  3. – “Loudoun also offers a local example of an intriguing phenomenon, evident elsewhere in the nation, in which atheists have become increasingly bold and outspoken.”

    Interesting that “hey, we’re here” means outspoken. And does that mean all the spammy religious groups in my area are “bold and outspoken” ?

    – On the mercury fillings story – when I read it my first thought was “boy, these arguments sound familiar…”

    – Yoda bat rocks! :) That larvabot is freeeeeeeaky.

  4. @James Fox

    The remake is by far better than the original but this quote is usually from the first one and in a teeny tiny voice.

    The most often used quote from the second one being, “be afraid, be very afraid.”

  5. Wow popsci.com has some serious gallery fail going on. Having to reload the entire page between pics is so 1997.

  6. Re: the Leesburg courthouse lawn. It would be better to have a lottery system than first come, first served. All it would take for some christian group to game the system would be for some insider to insert their (10 or 12) requests at the front of the queue when it opens. It would be much fairer to pick randomly from all requests received before a certain date, and to limit it to one display per person or group, to keep some group from flooding the pool with requests. Best of all would be to just prohibit religious displays on public property, as they apparently did last year. It isn’t as if there aren’t hundreds of locations on private property where they can put up nativities and other displays.

  7. @James Fox: That movie bugged me as a child. It does not make sense. Both the human body with fly head-and-arm and the fly body with human head-and-arm seem to have human cognition. I’m afraid to say that I prefer the Grundle-Fly version.

  8. The most amazing science images gallery seems to have been pulled. I’ll try again later it might just be some technical difficulties.

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