Skepchick Quickies 11.26


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I will say that I loved the National Geographic gag where they had “Was Darwin Wrong?” on the cover, when you opened to the article they had a huge “NO” at the heading.

    It made me happy.

  2. We’re not generally an ‘eat at the table’ family, except for thanksgiving and christmas. On those special occcasions, our old siamese would sit in one of the chairs and wait a little impatiently, clearly expecting to be served at the table with the rest of us. Sadly, she never was.

  3. Gah, yes, I’ve been trying to convince other parents for ages about the cough/cold medicine thing, and I’m always met by this wall of, “But you don’t understand, MY CHILD NEEDS THIS!”

    My kid gets colds and coughs. When she has a fever, we reach for the tylenol (although it’s maddening that we can’t find a sugar-free version in the US, and it’s a pain getting sugar-free panadol sent from the Australian in-laws). Her severe ear infections used to warrant antibiotics at times.

    But we’ve never purchased a cough/cold medicine because we know they’re either ineffective or dangerous. I frequently wonder how many of my adult health problems can point to my over-medication in my youth as a factor (by my daughter’s age I was an expert in the various flavours of Triaminic).

    It’s also amazing to me how many of the parents I know who all-too-gladly reach for the cough/cold remedies are anti-vax. WTF? *sigh*

  4. Re: Facebook Addict
    Typical of the “Jebus Freaks.” They jump on everything new (a few years too late), trying to twist it in some way to their advantage.

  5. @QuestionAuthority:
    They jump on everything new (a few years too late), trying to twist it in some way to their advantage.

    I think Facebook has quite a sizable atheist presence too. And I think it’s far more likely the fundies are going to be against this “tool of the devil” rather than using it to indoctrinate young people.

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