Skepchick Quickies, 11.1


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  1. Found another article that says there is a second slab with a different section of skull. Also, that the Church is allowing them to take it for study (though unclear if they mean a tiny sample or the whole thing.)

  2. So glad to hear about an ongoing campaign against polio; my only encounter with it was with a friend’s grandfather when I was very young, and I am very glad of that.

    I’m also hopeful that low-cost-to-free contraception will be available. I know far too many kids whose parents didn’t want them.

  3. Ugh, I still remember that woman interviewed during the Frontline special on vaccines and the anti-vaxxer movement. She was sincerely criticizing the vaccinating against Polio in the U.S. because in her mind it was eradicated already. So much for the rest of the world + international travel.

  4. Kudos to ongoing polio eradication.

    My grandmother had polio, and left it behind with a withered arm.

    Also, I’m old enough to remember going to school with kids who had braces due to having had polio. It was almost common in the sense that when you saw a kid with braces you didn’t really think twice about it … you just knew.

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