Geology Word of the Week Has Moved…

Sorry for two posts in one day, but I just wanted to quickly let you know that after some thought I’ve decided to make a couple of changes to the Geology Word of the Week(ish). First, I am going to be strict with myself and really make it the Geology Word of the Week. Second, I have moved the Geology Word of the Week to my brand-new geology blog. For the first 26 weeks, I am going to tackle the alphabet in order… then I’ll probably tackle words in a somewhat random order. Also, for the first few weeks I am going to cheat and repeat letters A-G (which I posted on Skepchick over the past few months) then continue with a new entry for letter H.

Don’t worry, though… I will continue to write geological and skeptical posts here on Skepchick… I’m going to try to reserve Skepchick for more skeptical articles/rants and my geology blog for more scientific-y articles. I hope you enjoy!


Evelyn is a geologist, writer, traveler, and skeptic residing in Cape Town, South Africa with frequent trips back to the US for work. She has two adorable cats; enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking; and has a very large rock collection. You can follow her on twitter @GeoEvelyn. She also writes a geology blog called Georneys.

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