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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I always liked Grace Slick’s home remedy for a cold:

    Get into bed. Put a hat on the bedpost. Drink Scotch until you see two hats. When your hangover goes away, your cold will have, as well.

    I somehow doubt that’s in the Mayo Clinic book.

  2. There’s also a fault in Marcotte’s analysis: She’s taking into account neither the fact that men – especially young ones – lie about their sexual prowess, nor that many men assume that their partner has had an orgasm because they see themselves as naturally studly givers of pleasure.

    Do some women fake it just to get the experience over and done with? I’m sure they do. Do some fake it because they just didn’t, for whatever reason, but want their partners to get a little egoboo? Very likely. And some probably fake it because they have no idea how or are too repressed to express their needs to a partner, so when he asks “Was it good for you?”, they just nod and smile. It’s not all a “feminist” issue. Some of it is kindness, some blindness, and some the need for a good book on body parts.

  3. Addendum to the above: My first [and very briefly married] husband refused to accept that he Wasn’t Doing It Right. He would take no instruction, because the call girl his mother hired to introduce him to sex told him he was “a natural”. [Yes, his mother. Never marry a man whose mother arranged his first sexual experience. In my defence, I was only 19 at the time and didn’t know any better.]

  4. @DominEditrix: the call girl his mother hired to introduce him to sex told him he was “a natural”.
    Wow: did his car only have one lady owner as well? Also: are you still in touch, because I’m pretty sure I’ve got a deed to a bridge around here somewhere that he may be interested in.

    Note to the ladies: if I’m Not Doing It Right for you I want to know. As much as it’s not fun to be told: my entire job in bed it to take care of what the woman needs so if there is any way to make it better I’m all for it.

    Hmm.. after a seconds thought and too much imagination: make that ‘almost any way’

  5. @qyiet:
    I agree. Honest feedback is important in striving for excellence (or competence for that matter) no matter what field of endeavour we are talking about. If you keep telling your partner it was great, don’t be surprised if nothing changes.

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