Skepchick Quickies 10.28

  • Harnessing your Marilyn Monroe neurons – “In an unprecedented fusion of pop culture and neurosurgery, scientists at Caltech have invented a surreal brain-machine interface.” From Pete.
  • The superpowers of candy – So instead of handing it out to trick-or-treaters, keep it to yourself.
  • This explains so much – Tree lobsters (or rather, tree crabs in this case) and the zombie outbreak. From cerberus40.
  • The Bloody Mary illusion – Cool explanation for why you can end up seeing weird creepy shit in the mirror. From jes3ica.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The Bloody Mary illusion story was pretty interesting. I’ve heard of it before but only vaguely remembered it.

    The rotating purple dot was cool.

    A similar effect can be achieved quite easily and reliably by jamming up portions of the brain’s visual processing system with a serotonin analogue. As the analogue metabolizes, a residual affect makes “the ghost of electricity howl[s] in the bones of her face.”

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