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  1. So I just read the Wired article so maybe I shouldn’t judge the study but…

    They are trying to test the effect the length of the relationship does has on knowledge and they DON’T control for age?!

    Why are they testing young couples and old couples? Why don’t they just test old couples in lifelong relationships and old couples in new relationships? How is that not obvious?

    …but like I said, maybe it makes more sense in the original study.

  2. Regarding the Wired article – I also only read the Wired article, not the original study, so take this as you will, but…

    I think that the partner ignorance (hehe) stems more from not constantly refreshing the body of knowledge you have about one another, not that you’re ignoring each other. New couples do the whole “What’s your favorite food, what kind of music do you like” because it’s new and exciting and that’s the kind of thing you ask when you first meet someone. I wouldn’t ask my Hubby that kind of question anymore (going on ten years together – woot!), but I’m sure some of his likes have changed in that time.

  3. I had thought platypuses were the only venomous mammal, but according to Wikipedia , there are several. Most are shrews or shrew-like. Lorises are different in that their venom is similar to the protein that makes people allergic to cats, and can cause anaphylaxis. Has anyone ever stabbed anyone in the face with a loris?

  4. After 27 years of marriage I do not know my wifes favourite food but two nights ago she asked me what I wanted for dinner. My reply was “do you want 1 slice or 2” She is still trying to work out how I knew she wanted pizza. That’s how well married people get to know one another.

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