Skepchick Quickies, 10.13


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  1. The best part of that OK Cupid article would have to be when they refer to Bobby Jindal as an “openly-Indian man.” Very funny.

    That said, I hope he serves as an inspiration for all of the closeted Indian men out there. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE!

  2. Well, shit. It appears I was born on the same day and year as Kirk Cameron.

    I guess that video shows that monkeys are smarter than Kirk Cameron. (Also smarter than me – I’ve been opening bananas from the stem up until now)

  3. Being only a delicate flower of a female, with a brain unsuited to all that mathematical stuff, I just couldn’t do any better in maths than A’s and got a mere 800 on the Math II SAT. [fluttering lashes]. So it was no wonder that my teachers kept telling me that I was no good at all that addin’ and subtractin’ and Riemann zeta functionin’. [fanning self to prevent swoon]

  4. It’s literature I don’t get.

    I like the OK Cupid game – replace “homosexual” and “gay” with “politician”.

    My grandfather told me that a homosexual politician would sell out his country in a heartbeat.

    Gays Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to parent, because they will raise gay politian children.

    People aren’t born gaypolitians, so the gays politicians have to recruit.

    Being gay a polititian is a choice.

  5. I didn’t hear the ‘girls suck at math’ stuff until long after high school, but maybe because I’m a guy. My grade 12 math class was about 60% female, and I was the only male in the top 5. Uni was so different. There were only a smattering of females after first year.

  6. The bizarre part is tha in High School, I had the strangest Geomerty grades the teacher had ever seen…A, A, F, F. I did very well on proofs, but the Algebra…no way. LOL

  7. I find the OkCupid stuff fascinating. Sure it’s not representative of the population as a whole, but that doesn’t make it useless. It just means it’s not conclusive.

    I find it especially interesting that gay/straight sexual activity maps perfectly, except that for some reason the top 2% of gay men have had 26% of the sexual partners. What’s going on there?

    I seem to identify best with the interests and personality types of gay women.

  8. Tried the monkey banana method this morning. It worked okay, kind of smooshed the end a little, but it split and peeled nicely. I think I need more practice. I’ll try it again tomorrow. Or maybe switch back and forth on alternate days. Being a guy, I should have no problem developing a good statistical analysis of my data. Or if I run into problems, I can just ask my niece, who <brag> aced AP statistics last year (as a high school junior…) She’s also captain of her high school soccer team and is being recruited by the MIT soccer coach… </brag>.

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