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This week’s winner was easy because she was thrice-nominated. THRICE! Congratulations Glow-Orb, who pontificates on the reason why we all just love the color pink so damn much:

Day 1: There are things in this world that are for you. There are things in this world that are not for you. You will know the things that are for you because they have your mark. Your mark is pink. Your clothes are pink; your room is pink; your toys are pink.

Day 374: There are things in this world that are for you. There are things in this world that are not for you. When you choose the correct things you will be praised, hugged, and rewarded with positive noises from the people around you. When you choose the incorrect things you will be ignored, laughed at or punished with negative noises from the people around you.

Day 1260: You love pink. It has always been that way. It must be inherent to your sex.

Two runners-up after the jump!

Scribe999 on the protagonist of The Man From Earth:

John Oldman? Was “Methuselah McAncientguy” taken? Talk about getting hit with the theme hammer.

I’ll still watch it.

And rbmc3 on Glenn Beck:

I’ve been saying this exact same thing for months now. I’m just waiting for the broadcast where he goes, “Just kidding! Wow I can’t believe how many assholes there are in this country. Anyway thanks for all the money, and I’ve been voting Democrat since 1978. Assholes.”

Oh hey happy Friday everybody!

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