Skepchick Quickies, 9.29


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  1. RE: B&J – What, you don’t want All Natural Lead-Arsenic-Mercury Neapolitan with Asbestos Chunks in? It goes great á la mode with Uranium Pie and Radon Infused Seltzer! Classic! And it’s natural! In fact it’s so natural, that all the additives are actual elements or minerals! Can’t get more natural than an element!

  2. Am I the only one who feels the ‘Center for Science in the Public Interest’ are being a bit naive to presume that there is a reasonable definition of natural to be found at all? I think the FDA have the right idea, just ignore it as a nonsense term.

  3. Yeay to the MacArthur Award scientists! Incidentally, one of the winners is a Deaf linguist- the first Deaf person to win it. Congrats to Dr. Carol Padden!

  4. I’ve always loved Ben & Jerry’s, but now I will love it even more that I don’t have to face the appeal to nature fallacy every time I eat it. I’m sure the manufacturers still buy into it, but at least it will be easier for me to ignore it. Natural or not, whatever they put in there tastes awesome. However, the article mentioned that some advocacy group had a problem with corn syrup, and I just don’t understand how that is less natural than sugar from sugar cane.

    About the Star Wars merchandise for girls, I am so glad that it’s basically the typical clothing but in sizes/shapes that work better for a lot of women. I was afraid that it would be pink Darth Vader action figures or something like that.

  5. @Zapski: Ah yes, Polonium Pie… Personally, I usually enjoy it with a glass of molten iridium. Sure, it’s a bit hot, but a properly aged bottle of iridium is just to die for, I assure you. I recommend the 65,000,000 BC vintage if you can find it. That was a good year. *sighs wistfully*

  6. I checked out the Her Universe website. I was shocked the background wasn’t pink and it featured a variety of colors for clothing.

    And the fact I was shocked by this made me really sad.

  7. Ick all over that apologies article. I like how in closing it suggests that women who are upset by a man’s lack of apology should consider that men just don’t think it’s a big deal, and feel better. Conspicuously missing: complementary advice that men consider that offenses they think minor might actually be a big deal to the woman offended, and apologize.

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