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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. “And if you type in “Democratic Party,” your first search result is a site on Marxism.”

    So it’s not just a christian search engine, it’s an idiotic right-wing christian search engine.
    I mean, I’m sure there are people who consider themselves christian who are capable of seeing that the democratic party are, in fact, very far from marxism.
    The majority of the democratic party’s members and voters for instance.

  2. @Rei Malebario: So it’s not just a christian search engine, it’s an idiotic right-wing christian search engine.

    It’s pretty useless. It directs all searches to a handful of sites. If they don’t have an answer then there are no search results. Most of my queries ended this way. Curiously the Jewish site isn’t nearly so censored, and I can’t find any restrictions on ImHalal. I even searched for Skepchick without a problem.

  3. “In a sense, I guess kind of what SeekFind does is a form of censorship, but I would more describe it as selective inclusion,” he says.

    Yet another example of how the ignorant over complicate their terms, just to avoid being called out for what they really are.

  4. The “gamers are better fast decision makers” reminds me of a patron we had a few days ago. She wanted a book to help her study for the Sheriff’s Department exam. No problem, we’ve got those. She said no, she needed one to help her study for the PSYCHOLOGICAL part of the exam. ‘Cause she failed the psych exam. She blamed it on the fact that they had dogs there, and the guy kept pressuring her for answers. I had to work very hard to ask “And you don’t think people pressuring you… perhaps in the presence of dogs… is something that would happen as a sheriff?”

    @davew: I’m not surprised that the Jewish site is less restricted; the Jewish intellectual culture is far less so than the Muslim or Christian ones (as opposed to the secular intellectual culture that Muslims, Jews, Christians and those dirty atheist-people take part in).

  5. What did you expect from a “Bible-consistent” search engine? Rational answers? LOL

    It’s a subtle form of propaganda…or should I call it another version of Winston’s “Memory Hole?”

  6. @ NoAstronomer,

    I’ve never heard of Tree Lobsters before this. Maybe one day I can hold my nose up and be as cool as you. Thanks for your comment.

  7. The religious search engines are INSANE. The people who use them are volunteering for censorship, basically, because they can’t trust themselves to make adult decisions, I guess?

    The Christian one goes only apologist sites when queried about Evolution. The Islam site gives “No results found” for any queries about sex (even “sexy”, but not “sex”, which finds link to marriage).

    I sometimes wonder how such insanity exists in the 21st century (CE :)

  8. “There is also Jewogle for Jews and I’mHalal, a Muslim search engine that started in the Netherlands.”

    Really? “Jewogle” is the best they could do? Not only does that carry a pretty lousy second interpretation, but just ‘Jewgle’ is such a better and more natural alternative.

    And it seems that Jewgle.org is, in fact, a Jewish search engine of some sort. YaJew.com isn’t a search engine, but it is something of a placeholder for a Jewish website.

    I also have a slight fondness for the ‘Yahweh!” search engine from Bruce Almighty, but I doubt that would be a good fit for a more orthodox audience.

  9. “It’s no more censorship than if I find something on television that I find offensive to me and I could change the channel,” he says.

    No, not really. It’s more like flipping through the channels and inbetween the 3 channels that “the church™” has deemed appropriate, you get dozens of black screens saying “channel blocked”.

    The channel flipping scenario would be more consistent with using plain ol’ Google to search for something, ending up on a porn site, then subsequently using the back button right after the page starts loading as you realise it’s not what you were searching for.

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