Skepchick Quickies, 8.23


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  1. Most of the comments about the magnet lady are skeptical. In addition to the brass (non-magnetic) key noted by one commenter, there are a bunch of coins, at least one obviously copper.

    The only “experts” consulted by the Daily Mail are woo practitioners. Of course they are going to say it’s real.

    One of them cited the brain producing magnetic fields. Well, that is sort of true, but as usual, they completely ignore the enormous difference in scale between that an ordinary bar magnet, which is millions of times stronger, and is uniform.

  2. “She says her body can emit a negative or positive charge, depending on the time of the month.”

    Apparently no one at the Daily Fail knows how magnets work.

  3. @Jen: I suspected as much, which is why I mentioned I was using Opera. BTW, I downloaded a new version of it yesterday, so it might be broken. I can see all the other pages at that site, though.

    The real question is is it worth firing up something else to view it, or would that just make me hate all of humanity even more?

  4. Magnetic Woman? She’s leaning back slightly.
    She only got the stuff on her skin. She’s got the heaviest stuff on her boob shelf.
    She’s looking kind of moist and sticky..

    The Duggars really make me reconsider my position on free choice. sigh.
    And then they apparently don’t vaccinate. This accentuates the fact that free choice doesn’t mean smart choice. Although 19 kids is enough of an example.

  5. It has nothing to do with the fact that Vaseline is sticky.

    “…and even a metal lid from a Vaseline pot can stay on her body…”

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