Skepchick Quickies, 8.18


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  1. Love, love, love this song! Yeah for smart women who like sex with smart men! Have you guys seen Molly Lewis’s “Open Letter to Stephen Fry”? It’s an appeal to him to let her carry his baby for the good of humanity. AWESOME.

  2. In the early 1980s I was at a dinner at the Disneyland Hotel where Ray Bradbury gave a talk. He looked at the room and declared that we were all “science fiction.”

    It was during a Society of Women Engineers convention.

    I don’t really remember much else about his talk. Though I do remember more from the talks by Bonnie Dunbar and Admiral Grace Hopper.

  3. I should mention that being less than five meters from Bradbury during that talk gave me the exact opposite reaction from the sentiments expressed in that song. During that convention I also got to meet Larry Niven, same reaction (and I actually enjoyed both Footfall and Lucifer’s Hammer). Ewww!

    I have learned to separate the writer from what he/she writes. Which also helps that I have been married for over thirty years to someone who does write… software. (rimshot!)

  4. As someone who stood in line for *hours* at Comic-con, in order to get his signature in my 1st edition copy of “Martian Chronicles,” I completely agree with this song… :-)

  5. I have to admit this, I am guilty, indirectly…of Mr.Bradbury seeing this video. I emailed this video to a person that I know KNOWS Ray Bradbury. Mark Edwards (friend of the JREF and California skeptic and blogger and everything else wonderful) KNOWS Ray Bradbury and went to visit him with the wonderful Susan Gerbic….and …they showed him the video. Susan has a photograph of him watching it on her facebook page (as well as Mark). I’m not sure of his reaction. However, they are lovely people, and Ray Bradbury signed a book for my daughter. He is her favorite author! When I heard they were planning to show him the video I made them promise to get the book signed FIRST!

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