Skepchick Quickies 7.6


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. So the shoes work by putting you off-balance? I have a brilliant plan! Wear 2 different shoes. Imagine how off balance you’ll be with a flip flop and a stilleto! Imagine the toning! With bonus odd looks from passers-by and neighbours!

  2. Re: So-called magic wands…

    It used to be said that a suceker was born every minute. I think that birthrate has accelerated dramatically since that phrase was coined…

  3. I’m not buyin’ that wand business unless it has a phoenix tail feather in the core. Otherwise it’s pure scam.

    I couldn’t display the cephalopodanous link… It wanted to download something I’ve never heard of.

  4. I will be doing some research on those shoes at TAM. Will being off balance from the shoes and off balance from alcohol cancel each other out? We shall see…

  5. Oh, and a moderator comment on the “wand” page:

    “I’ve been to parties where they sell wands that relieve tension, but the wands are quite a bit thicker and sometimes vibrate.”

  6. Heh I was alerted to the Wand thing by a listener a few months back, the most fun skepticism I’ve had in a while, not least because I got to use the headline:

    Mature Couple Seek Strangers To ‘Wand’ (Timewasters Need Not Apply)

    I’ve never claimed to be mature. The diagrams that support the Amega Wand are pretty special, worthy of a peek.

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