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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. It seems like such a win against the AVN, but when you read her responses you realize that she is just delusional. She’s not going to stop, just like Wakefield isn’t going to. This is their identity, and they are going to do whatever it takes to protect their delusion.
    Sorry, this is Cynicism Tuesday for me.

  2. I really resent the fact that the article about Imam Anwar al-Awlaki condemning Molly Norris to death is accompanied by a poll about whether readers “support” her creation of Draw Mohammed Day. It’s not about whether we support her doing so or not– it’s about whether we support her right to do it and oppose the “right” of psychotic Muslims* to try and murder her for it. Once the issue of her possibly being killed for her speech comes up, I think the topic of whether that speech was respectful or not can take a backseat. Unless, of course, you’re the kind of person who doesn’t value freedom of speech to begin with.

    *By which I don’t remotely mean all Muslims. I’m fully aware that plenty support free speech, even if they don’t appreciate their prophet being lampooned.

  3. I read the above post too quickly. I thought it said GAY SEX IN RIGHT FIELD.

    I have no further comment.


    Except , the mind is an amazing thing sometimes.

  4. @Rillion: Yeah, I hated the phrasing of that poll, although this is The New York Daily News we’re talking about here. And then of course there are genius solutions in the comments section that would give al-Awlaki a run for his money:

    westerners have serious choises too make…. its true that the population is doubling on the planet every 40 years In 120 years therewill be 8 humans on the planet for every one today …unsustainable Its also true that this cult is trying to put the world under shariah law. So i figure we have to lose about half the population to save the planet.Now they would have us dead if they could So if its them or us lets nake it them. lets start by mass sterilization of muslim countries(we have the tech) and maybe a couple of well placed nukes

    Pat Buchanan, is that you?

    @halincoh: Well, baseball is a pretty slow game. The outfielders need to entertain themselves somehow.

  5. The way I look at it, executing someone who draws a cartoon of Mohammad – what did he look like anyway? – is the same as executing someone for stealing a loaf of bread. A cartoon, drawing, photo, sculpture or bust of an individual is not that individual, just a rendering. As I said what did Mohammad look like. This just shows how stupid fundies are, no matter what sect they are.

  6. @Imrryr,

    Reminds me of people who want to turn the Middle East into a “glass desert” because of “how those people treat their women.” Because I guess being slaughtered by Westerners counts as a win against patriarchal males who make them wear burqas….? I’m sure they would be grateful for being rescued from their oppressors via explosive gory death.

  7. @James Fox: If baseball had more gay sex I might actually consider watching a game, but I’d still hate the Yankees. :)

    @Rillion: Yeah, it’s insane troll logic at its finest. If it were up to those people we’d have nothing but glass deserts.

  8. I saw that episode of Wife Swap. Seven cans of stupid in a six-pack. The parents relied on their 13-year-old’s forays onto the intertubes for their information.

    I mean, hell, the calendar on my wall ends on December 31, 2010. This does not make me want to carry a whistle-cum-compass in a backpack full of protein bars.

  9. @bluescat48: But, they just tried to cut off Aladdin’s HANDS for stealing bread, right? Maybe we should suggest instead of killing people for drawing Mohammed, they should just trim off their fingertips. You know, compromise.

  10. I’m ashamed to admit that I really love to hate-watch Wife Swap from time to time, particularly when the show features crazy religious fundamentalists.

    My dad was like this. When the first Gulf War started (I think I was 11) he pulled me and my brother out of the bed so that we could witness “the beginning of the end of the world” on television. That crap really is borderline child abuse IMO.

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