The Anatomy of The Kraken

I missed this video (published in October 2009) until today, when I read this essay on io9 about what it can teach us about peer review. Nice!

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I’ve bought Kraken Rum, and enjoy it a great deal. It’s great for Grog.

    My Grog recipe tends to be equal parts of Rum and Lime Juice, plus four times your measurement of water, and sugar to taste. Usually the same volume of sugar as what you chose for the Rum is pretty good. I recommend using a very dark rum, like Kraken or Black Seal.

    So if you’re making a punch bowl of Grog, that’d be one quart each of rum, lime juice, and granulated sugar, and four quarts of cold water. Float some lemon and lime slices in the bowl for effect.

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  2. Excellent article, and I got the laugh of the day from the commenter who felt that he should have been warned that the video was an ad.

    Why didn’t you warn _us_ by the way? Got stocks in rum production by any chance?

  3. I just love the word “kraken”. It’s just a fun word to say, and impossible to say without sounding awesome. Kraken. Kraken. Kraken.

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