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Okay, there were so many nominations this week and they were all so damn good that today I’m giving you one winner and about 9,000 runners-up.

Here’s your winner: AmateurScientist’s response to Tracy’s rant about Star Wars and Sex and the City:

“The Starcave of ThonBoka” is what my girlfriend calls her vagina.



I feel lucky. My parents just had a flame tattoo put on my penis. That’s Unitarians for you.


I can see the parallels between SitC and Star Wars. Both seem to involve aliens that look a bit like us but lead lives so different from anything we’ll ever experience it can be kind of fascinating.

Mark Hall:

I take pride in the fact that I came out the same year as Star Wars and the Monster Manual.


Also, I believe the correct plural of Bigfoot is “more than one guy in a bear suit”

Mark Hall AGAIN:

@Kimbo Jones: Ayup. I’d far rather have proof that life exists outside of Earth (or, perhaps even weirder, life on Earth not related to any other life on Earth) than a large, hairy, primate. I AM a large hairy primate. To find Bigfoot, I go down the hall and interrupt my brother’s World of Warcraft session.


You know what, I’m going to give Bigfoot a little love here ’cause nobody seems to understand how a meeting the the LGM would actually go.
Let’s say you meet the LGM. You’re probably thinking, “Cool! I’ll be famous or smart or immortal”. Meanwhile the LGM is thinking, “As if.” Then he’ll dis you with his vastly superior intellect, point out that he anal-probed your momma, and then disect you.
With BigFoot, your dignity can remain intact and you are very likley to survive an encounter with the famously shy Sasquatch. Plus, as we know from countless studies, Bigfoot doesn’t poop. Ever. Tha’t s a big plus if you plan on keeping him as a pet.

James Fox:

I’m convinced that when the little green men show up we can change our name from human beings to hors d’œuvre’s. I’ll take the smelly big guy and hope he has some Wookie charm.

Finn McR:

I suppose it is important to take your audience into account when explaining things.

“When two hydrogen atoms in the Sun REALLY love each other, they snuggle together…”


It’s like explaining magnets to juggalos


Mmm, nice topic. When I was 21 I was convinced that I was a fat-assed piece of lard & ugly as sin. I ran, swam, lifted weights, & practiced karate, and I consoled myself with the thought that “It’s not what I look like that matters, it’s what I can do.”

Now I’m 41. I look back at pictures of myself then, and I see a skinny, fit, not-unhandsome young man with a shy but not-unwinning smile. And I because I stopped doing all that exercise, I now really do look the way that I thought I looked back then.

But with more hair growing from weird and unsettling places.

(More proof that there is no god.)

Happy Friday!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor.

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