Skepchicon is Imminent!

Just one week to go, kids! I’m working my ass off on finishing touches, but the Skepchick Spaceship is mostly go for launch! I’m very much looking forward to seeing a bunch of you there. You’re in for a fantastic weekend.

Once again, all the relevant info on the weekend’s skeptical activities is available here.

Be sure to look for Surly Amy in the Dealers’ Room for all your Surly-Ramics needs.

Also, if you’re looking for some entertainment on Thursday night around 10:00, check out Tim3P0’s band, Cantankerous Folk, and The Lovely Creatures Cabaret. They’ll be putting on a special burlesque show just for Convergence (whose theme this year is “Bring on the Bad Guys”), called “The Vaude-Villains Variety Show“. I will totally forgive you for skipping out of our party for a little while to go see them ;)

Don’t forget about the really cool collaborative media project with Pamela Gay and Kelly McCullough.

Random Con Stuff You Should Know That Comes to Mind as I Type This:

It’s way fun. Bring your party shoes. Or hat. Or whatever.

Be prepared to geek out.

Learn about skepticisming.

There is free food (rice, snacks, soda) in the Consuite, as well as various room parties, most notably The House of Toast, which you must visit at least once. I command it of you.

There is also a cof2e2. And it’s free. (But you should really tip the nice volunteers.)

The Cake is not a lie! We’ll be serving Celebration Generation cake in our party room on Friday night. Watch our flyers and posters for more details.

Wear your costumes! This year it’s all about the villains. And Space. (Marvin the Martian? Is he even really a villain?)

Holy crap. Paul Cornell is going to be there! (That is me geeking out about it now, because more than likely I will have exactly zero time to do it in his presence.)

Aside: I’d expected to be laid off a month ago, and able to focus on this con full time. I wound up getting an unexpected but entirely welcome job offer, so I’ve been doing all this in my sparse free time and am incredibly exhausted. This is about as loopily unfiltered as I get. Enjoy it while it lasts :p


So, basically I’m very excited to see it all come together, and mostly to see all of you. It’s gonna be a blast.
The Geeks and Nerds of Minnesota are epic in their awesome-itude, and the skeptical guests, well, converging on Convergence will not disappoint.


Special thanks to CFI, WTF, and our generous fans and friends for making this event possible.

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  1. @carr2d2: Yes, there are! :) My grandfather was a flight instructor at UND Aerospace before he passed (before I was born). He helped start it, actually. He was a pretty big deal. There’s a scholarship named after him at UND.

    Elton Lee Barnum, my grandfather, and Lee Barnum, my grandmother, are legends in Grand Forks. I feel VERY COOL here, lemme tell ya.

    Normally, we could have gotten one HECK of a tour at UND Aerospace — last time my dad was here, he got to literally fly (he still talks about it). We didn’t have a chance to set it up this time, though. Next time!!

  2. This year’s Skepchicon is gonna blow the roof off with so much awesome! For those who thought last year was fun… ain’t seen nuthin’ yet? *is well aware of his usage of improper grammar*

    See you all in our panels and party room and hopefully at my Lovely Creatures/Cantankerous Folk show (Thursday night) later this week! :-)

  3. @Tim3P0: Sounds like a great way to get warmed up for TAM! Wish I could be there and I’d love to hear your band…, another time. Any chance of some streaming or vid of the Lovely Creatures/Cantankerous Folk show? Have fun!

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