Skepchick Quickies, 6.7


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  1. If the breast cancer vaccine is anything like the HPV vaccine, it’s going to be 100% effective at preventing that particular strain of cancer, but then overall that strain sadly only represents 1 of several cancers, many more prevalent.

    Still, a cure for cancer is a cure for cancer. Even if it’s not a cure for ALL cancer, it’s going to be a welcome medical advance for many women.

  2. Much as I hate to say it, the bit about mathematicians and mentoring is, in my experience, all too true. With a few notable exceptions (including my advisor), too many of the professors (and, later, colleagues) were utterly insular. Perhaps it’s because much of the stereotypes about mathematicians have a firm basis in truth, but once I hit grad school, the only useful guidance of any kind that I got was strictly through my advisor — whom I didn’t acquire until far too late in grad school — and several of the folks publishing in our field who were friends of his.

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