Skepchick Quickies, 6.28


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  1. An in related news, Italian seismologists have decided to spend their time developing a time-travel machine. So the residents of L’Aquila can re-experience the major 1958, 1786, 1703, 1349, and 1315 earthquakes.

    Seismologists may not be able to predict the exact time, location and intensity of an earthquake, but anyone can look at a map and realize they are living in a town that’s a well-recorded seismological death trap.

  2. Amazing how the human race refuses to accept that in the lottery of life, bad things do happen and no amount of blaming makes them less bad or less frequent. And as Chasmosaur points out, there are predictably higher odds depending on time and space.

    I am surprised that after the 1958 earthquake, there were no stricter building codes put into place.

    I would spend my energy lobbying for better buildings if I lived there. You can’t stop an earthquake, so you might as well adapt to the best of your ability.

  3. If anybody read the Homeopathy Article and raged as much as I did at the anecdote from Helen Llewelyn at the end, you might find the following link interesting.


    Here is the essential bit from that article.

    “My operation to drain and remove the cyst and laser treatment to burn off all the cells that they could see, has been successful – it took me about a year to feel the physical benefits. There is a risk my organs will be damaged in the longer term, but for now I can appreciate manageable pain levels, with the help of the contraceptive pill. But my mental state is no better and I don’t really want anti-depressants. I want to deal with this, not just cover it up.”

    Funny how in the independent article makes it sound like the surgery didn’t help at all, and neither did all the antidepressants. When in reality her physical symptoms disappeared and she simply refused Anti-depressants in favor of dilute tiger lily.

    Face palm I say. Epic Face Palm.

  4. Ugh. “Gender specific names.” The comments on that mental floss article really chap my hide. Yay for heteronormative assholes!!

    My Uncle’s name is Shannon (though most call him Lee). It was originally a boy’s name, but it’s more common now as a girl’s name.

    Same goes for Kelly — it’s normally seen as a female name, now, but was originally a male name and there are still some males named Kelly (not just from the older generation!).

  5. @Dale Husband: We don’t only post links that we agree with 100%. That’s not the point. The point is to read, consider and discuss. In this case, the link was submitted by a reader, and I think that refusing it because the same site published something else wrong completely unrelated to this particular article is unnecessary.

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