Skepchick Quickies, 6.2


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  1. For FSM’s sake, do not read the comments on the page about the Baptist rape! I really should know better by now.

  2. Pathetic, aren’t they, Catgirl?

    Reading stuff like that makes me fear for the future of Humanity…Can someone come up with a virus to reformat the minds of people that think that way?

  3. And why the pastor is not being investigated for obstruction of justice we’ll never know.
    And why Dilbert thinks he’ll get a second date we’ll never know.

  4. Ah, Abrahamic religion. What other institution could possibly tell a rape victim she is partially responsible for her rape, and subsequently must apologize to her whole congregation? And have the whole congregation agree.

    And I see the pastor even went with the line: “you should feel lucky you were raped in the 20th century, and not in Old Testament times, or we would have to stone you to death.”

    When people ask me, “What about all the good religions do?” I want to ask them, “How much good offsets an evil like this?”

  5. @James Fox:

    I would definitely go on a second date with a man like that, as long as he didn’t wear a curly tie and a short-sleeve dress shirt. However, I’ll never be able to test guys in this way because I could never keep a straight face while pretending to believe in homeopathy and other woo.

  6. The rape case feels like it must have happened 300 years ago with pilgrims….not now, not in 20th century civilized America.

    @DataJack – you should check those facts before you spread the info. Just a friendly skeptic reminder.

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