Skepchick Quickies 6.17


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Pressed on what possible motivation the federal government and BP would have to purposely spill oil, Randall said he had no idea but reiterated that the issue needed to be the subject of investigation.

    That dude must be the laziest conspiracy theorist I’ve ever heard of. He can’t even be bothered to come up with a motivation for his conspiracy.

    More importantly though, and also from The Vancouver Sun: German Student Attacks Hells Angels With Puppy

  2. What the hell is wrong that the most insane people around are the only ones running for office anymore. The problem isn’t “Big Government,” the problem is fucking morons.

  3. I’m not saying that Randall rapes kittens and then eats them while they are still alive. I don’t have any proof that he sold secrets to the Russians when he was in the Navy. I can’t think of any reason why he would kidnap suburban housewives and sell them to donkey show managers in Mexico. I don’t have any facts that would point to the fact that he is actually a reptillian alien from the planet Mongo who is actually a sleeper agent for an all out invasion that will put all christians in chains. I can’t think of anything that would in any way prove that he enjoys being saddlebacked by horses. All I am saying is that these all need to be investigated and publicized. If for no other reason that it will prove or disprove the rumor that he likes to smear himself in dog shit and run naked howling down mainstreet under the full moon. It just needs to be investigated.

  4. You know, there’a more evidence that Carl Rove conspired with a person on the drill to take advantage of problems with Deep Horizon to cause Obama’s Katrina.

    After all, Carl Rove is the king of dirty tricks, and it did happen early in the Obama administration, and if his co-conspirator was one of the people killed in the explosion…well, dead men tell no tales.

    I’m not making accusations, I’m just asking questions.

  5. @Gabrielbrawley: COTW – You nailed it, completely. “I have no evidence, nor a motive for this completely made up accusation, admittedly, but I still think it should be investigated.”

    And right before elections, too!

  6. And I am completely dumbfounded by the Maryland Courts decision. It is free speech to give a reading – so long as you aren’t selling it.

    But when you sell it, you are moving into an area of fraud unless you can prove the veracity of your service. Which lets face it he can’t or he would be at least 1 million dollars richer through our friend Randi.

  7. @Gabrielbrawley: COTW

    @Imrryr: Nothing worse than a lazy conspiracy theorist. It is funny to see the other side of the loony coin from the Bush knew before hand and allowed 9-11 to happen wingnuts I hear all the time around here.

  8. @James Fox: Agreed, at least the crazy guy who writes to the local paper about chemtrails and mind-control fluoride does something vaguely resembling research. Mr. Randall isn’t even trying. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s running for office, that guy’s opinions would never make the news at all. I really must insist that if you’re going to announce a new conspiracy theory, you really need to bring your A game. It’s no fair that Mr. Randall’s half-assed government and BP joining forces for evil theory is stealing the thunder from so many crazier and more well thought out theories.

    Oh, and on the subject of 9/11, I support the Semicontrolled Demolition Theory .

  9. I’ve never nominated anyone for the quote of the week and I’m not about to start now, but Gab … that skewered the agenda driven dickead.


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